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American Museum of Natural History
Enemies Troodon
Bosses Triceratops

The American Museum of Natural History is a location in Parasite Eve.

Parasite Eve

Aya Brea, Daniel Dollis and Kunihiko Maeda meet Hans Klamp here. Maeda tests Aya's cells and learns that her mitochondria are fighting back against Mitochondria Eve's.

On Day 5, the museum is only accessed after doing the Chinatown/sewers/subway level. The museum serves as the final storyline 'dungeon' for Aya on Day 5 before the final boss fights on Day 6. Aya eventually finds a pregnant Eve in the museum.

In the museum, Eve has brought back dinosaurs from the past, which consist of troodons, pterodactyls, a triceratops, and even a T-Rex.

In the museum, Aya can find the first two guns of the game that give Double Commands, both Handguns. One is dropped after the tyrannosaur battle, and the other is found after a earthquake shakes the ground. In the control room, Aya can also find a secret elevator that only goes to the 4th floor's storage room, which has various items, including the 2nd and last Shotgun of the main storyline, and is useful for its Burst Ability.

Answers to quizzes

  • How many animals are hiding?
    • 9 (results in Ammo +30, Revive, Medicine 4, or Medicine 3)
  • The name of the organelle that appeared in the first organism?
    • Mitochondria (results in Medicine 3, Medicine 4 or Revive)
  • What was the nutritional source of the first organism that lived 3.9 billion years ago?
    • Nitrogen oxides from volcanoes (results in Revive, Tool, Ammo +30, Medicine 3 or Medicine 4)
  • The mitochondria creates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) within the cell. How much energy is this equivalent to?
    • 200,000V per cubic cm (results in Medicine 4 or Ammo +30)
  • By taking mitochondria, which uses oxygen as its nutritional source, into the body and living with it symbiotically, the bacteria has acquired a tremendous amount of energy. What was the consequence?
    • Aging (results in Medicine 3 or Medicine 4)
  • In 1987, Cann & Wilson released a theory stating that humans were derived from Mitochondria Eve. Which organism is thought to be Mitochondria Eve?
    • An African female (results in Medicine 3 or Tool)
  • 25 million years ago, oxygen increased in the air. Why?
    • Photosynthesis by bacteria (results in Ammo +30 or Medicine 3)

Parasite Eve II


Parasite Eve 2 ending

Aya and Eve meet Kyle in the museum.

In Parasite Eve II, Kyle Madigan reunites with Aya and Eve Brea at the American Museum of Natural History.


  • The music that plays in the museum is "Wheel of Fortune". This title is up to interpretation; one is that it refers to the small and haunting chance that life even exists on Earth.


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