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Amoebas are immune to regular gunfire damage except for Firefly shotgun shells or Grenade rounds. Combustion, Necrosis or Pyrokinesis work very well as they have low HP. Another option is to use the Bayonet, Flamethrower or the Tonfa, if you are willing to take risks by approaching them. They can be hard to notice when they are inactive ("deflated") as they are extremely small. Their attacks can inflict status ailments so don't let them get close. That said however, the amoebas generates high levels of MP at the end of each fight in which they are present, thus making them an indispensable source of MP should one be able to note their appearance points. This fact is also a necessity to keep in mind of as armors with HP recovery ability such as the Tactical Vest, chicken Plate, etc heals as much as the MP generated at the end of each fight, thus making any encounter with amoebas a potent healing incentive.

Green Amoebas

Main article: Green Amoeba

These enemies are weak but they have a lot of defense but they can be damaged by Fireflies or Grenades along with PE. Their attacks can inflict Silence so you may want to keep grenades or Fireflies just in case their attacks hit home.

Red Amoebas

Red amoeba.png
Main article: Red Amoeba

This enemy features a lot more HP than the Green Amoebas and give some of the highest amounts of MP in the game. Red Amoebas cannot be taken out even with a single use of Combustion but Necrosis can easily kill them. Their attacks inflict Berserker instead which makes them slightly easier to fight.

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