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1 5 18 1
Name Status Damage
Bite - 3 x6
Notes: Continuous attack can be interrupted.
Strength Weakness
Insane Numbers Easy to kill with Buckshot
Item Drops
Location Akropolis Tower, Dryfield, Mines

Despite having the highest enemy count in all the modes of Parasite Eve II, Bats appear infrequently due to them always appearing in large flocks. They do not deal a lot of damage but can be annoying as all attacks interrupt Aya's actions. Mashing the directional pad will shake the Bats off Aya.

Given the low HP of each Bat, there are plenty of ways to handle an incoming flock:

  • The easiest way to deal with them is to use Buckshot or an automatic weapon (like M950 or MP5A5) as they can destroy the entire flock, quickly.
  • If the flock is perched, they can be picked off one-by-one with a P229.
  • Plasma and Necrosis can work well if the player is surrounded or the bats are clumped together in one direction.
  • Combustion works well, especially a higher-level version with the wider radius, but unless the MP reward justifies the expense, it is severe overkill.
  • Combat Light and Pepper Spray can buy a player time (if they are caught unprepared) as it will inflict CONFUSION on any bats approaching/facing Aya, causing them to spin around for several seconds (If they are perched on a surface, these items do nothing).


The use of a Combat Light attached to the P229 and MP5A5 will not trigger a flock of bats to attack, but the combat item version will. The difference (likely) lies in the fact that the game treats combat items as spells and any spell used in the presence of bats will cause them to attack Aya, even if the spell is recovery/defensive.

Given they mostly appear in large flocks, they are an excellent means to recover MP easily and quickly. A well-planned route at any difficulty can help take advantage of this.

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