Ben Dollis
8 (born 1989)
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Parasite Eve
Mom wasn't herself, dad... She left and everyone else went, too!
—Ben to Daniel about Lorraine's death

Ben Dollis is Daniel Dollis's son and a minor character in Parasite Eve.

Perky and inquisitive, he is Daniel's main motivation throughout the game. He was disappointed with his father's complete commitment to his work over him and his mother, Lorraine.

A year prior to the game, Ben's parents became divorced. Daniel has custody of him, but his mother is given visitation rights once a month. He appears to be fine with his parent's divorce on the surface, but deep down inside he hopes that they will all live together again someday.

Parasite Eve

On December 25th, 1997, Ben attended a concert at Delacorte Theater in Central Park with his mother, Lorraine, only to feel ill part way through and ended up leaving the area and his mother at the concert.

Shortly after he left, Mitochondria Eve came and killed/transformed the audience, his mother included. Ben was very disturbed by his mother's death and was quickly found by his father and his father's partner, Aya Brea.

Ben would then spend time at the police station and loved to play with the police dog Sheeva. After Eve's attack at the police station, Ben witnessed the transformation/death of Sheeva into Kerberos and the deaths of many police officers. Douglas Baker protected him from the transformed Sheeva and Aya made a promise to Ben to stop Eve.


Ben watching the opera with Maeda, Aya and Daniel.

After the game, Ben attended an opera at Carnegie Hall along with his father, Aya and Kunihiko Maeda. He received what he always wanted: a father that is dedicated to him.


  • "...FINE!" (running off in anger when Daniel says he is too busy to go to the concert with Ben and Lorraine)
  • "It's not Sheeva! Sheeva's already dead! Aya, please! Don't let her turn into a monster!"


  • Ben may be of mixed ethnicity, since he has a lighter skin tone than his father's.
  • Ben weighs at 32 kilograms (71 lbs), and he is 120 centimeters tall (3'11").
  • Unfortunately, Ben does not appear in The 3rd Birthday, making it one big missed opportunity - it could be interesting to see an older, adult Ben. One character in it, Thelonious Cray, resembles Ben to a certain extent, and it can be theorized that Cray was once Ben in development. Both Ben and Cray also have divorced parents.


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