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Beta Generator
500 400 200 100
Name Status Damage
None - 0
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
Regeneration Cannot Attack
Item Drops
Normal/ Replay/ Scavenger
Ringer's Solution, MP Boost2
Bounty/ Nightmare
Location Neo Ark
Gentle days free from pain... Automated injections of comfort. So happy was I... So useful... It's not my fault... I'm helping! Helping everybody! I don't want to disappear... to die.
—Aya "hearing" its dying thoughts

The Beta Generator is identical to the Proto Generator (save having more HP) and is one of the two Generator type ANMCs. It is protected by a number of Watchers and cannot be seriously harmed until the Life Support system (Which has 250 HP) has been destroyed.


The Beta Generator reduces all incoming damage by (at least) 90%, has a quick HP regeneration and cannot be taken below 1HP while the Life Support system is active. In order to finish the battle, it must be destroyed, first.

If the Watchers were turned off in the Pod Service Gantry, there will be nothing protecting the generator.

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