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Bishop GOLEM
800 400 2500 7
Name Status Damage
Running Slash
10 x??
Notes: See Main page regarding Grab damage.
Strength Weakness
None Electricity
Item Drops
Location Shelter, Post-Marines
Dryfield, Shelter (Bounty/Nightmare)

The Bishop GOLEM is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game and the most advanced GOLEM ANMC that Aya encounters and consequently is very dangerous. During the story line, it can be encountered after the marines arrive at the shelter and right before the room with the Brahman/Reactor, causing it to surprise and panic players.

The Bishop GOLEM is virtually identical to the Knight except its regular attack produces PARALYSIS, instead of poison, which makes it much more dangerous. They function much more like the Knight but have more HP and are a very valuable kill. R. Slugs can easily kill one in a few shots, provided Aya gets lucky with the timing between seizures or can dispel it quickly with Metabolism.

The Bishop GOLEM's grab attack functions very much like the Knight's:

  • If she manages to break free they inject her with a toxin which inflicts CONFUSION. The GOLEM immediately turns invisible before Aya can counter-attack.
  • If she fails to break free, they brutally snap her neck. How long Aya has before this happens depends on how long it takes to reduce Aya's HP by 50% of max.
  • If Aya manages to break free immediately after being grabbed, a backlash will stun the GOLEM for a few seconds, giving Aya a chance to inflict some free damage (If the player excels at breaking free from this grip, this has the potential to be the easiest way of dealing with this GOLEM-type).
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