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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 6 April

Maeda's Gun Ref. Page

Maeda's Gun is a weapon exclusive to Parasite Eve. While initially worthless due to its low stats and lack of bullets, it becomes indespensible against the final boss of the main story once Aya obtains the special bullets. However, as a strictly storyline-related weapon, it can't be upgraded nor can it be carried over across playthroughs.

  • Note: The bullets for this gun have a unique icon.
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JL the superhuman JL the superhuman 23 July 2020

Jacob Brea

Jacob Alexander Brea is an original character created by JL the superhuman. 

Jacob was the brother of both Aya and Maya Brea and the youngest and only son of Mariko and an unnamed male. Unlike Aya, he discovers his abilities when he was young. Many years later, he becomes a special agent, working on cases involving NMCs alongside Aya following his sister's experinces in New York and Dryfield. Although he shares the same abilities as Aya, Jacob is slightly weakend when using his powers often causing him to black out.

Following the events of The 3rd Birthday 

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TheWhiteWoof TheWhiteWoof 5 April 2020

Returning to the Remake idea

With the recent Resident Evil remakes out and the level of quality in them. Wouldn't it be nice if that kind of love and integrity went into a Parasite Eve remake? If there were a time to do it, I'd stay it'd be soon. I'd guess that PE fans would flock to a faithful remake with modern cinematography and design work. Even keeping to the in-game level of technology of 1997. That was one of the touches in the RE2 and RE3 remakes that I liked the most. It felt like the same world. In my opinion, I think breathing life into this incredible story is long overdue.


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Kurochan101 Kurochan101 16 August 2019

Weapon and Spell ranges (Except from June 17th, 2019

Finished collecting the range values on all weapons, spells and items. These were collected based on extensive testing on a sacrificial Bat at Dryfield, Back Street, relocating it's X, Y and Z positions to get the best results possible (4 bytes per location, plus loop-around? Oh boy... that was NOT easy to track down) Given it's small profile and ability to stay in one position, it was possible to work down to the byte value the distance between Aya and the target, giving me some fairly accurate numbers for the range of each possible attack. This also includes an update on the various attenuation penalties on all weapons. Those need to be updated, ESPECIALLY the M93R.

  • Need to convert the range values from a byte to 'feet', since that is w…
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Recorder18 Recorder18 4 December 2011

3rd Birthday Director wants to make another PE

Hello again, guys! Here is some news on the future of Parasite Eve. In this interview, Hajime Tabata mentions that he wants to make another Parasite Eve game and work on a console game.

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Okami925 Okami925 19 October 2011

Thoughts on a remake...

After finally getting my hands on a rather nice copy of Parasite Eve, I was thinking about how amazing it would look with updated graphics, followed by how incredibly, well, disturbing it would look. The first time I ran across one of those burnt bodies I freaked the hell out. And this was, what, 2 weeks ago? Enjoyed the hell out of it, though.

I dunno, I was wondering what other people were thinking about how the game would translate to modern consoles if a remake ever were to happen. I'd like to think I would be cautious but optimistic, maybe?

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Mugenkb1 Mugenkb1 31 August 2011

My reasoning as to what really happened in T3B.

Sorry about the crappy title, didn't want it to be a spoiler title..

There are a couple of reasons why I think Aya would be back in a sequel.

1) If you read the note on Augustus Vassel, it states: "Louise Brier extracted from his body a particular gene belonging to an unknown twisted-one that gave him the power to come back to life." So....that's intriguing, it opens up doors to many possibilities, but again for Aya if she really doesn't have a body to come back to life, who knows..

2) I feel like there's so many contridictions in the story that there has to be two different timelines. My best example is in the dream Eve has in Episode 4 a scene shows Aya standing over Eve with a gun, and looking pretty serious (not all cry baby like Eve in t…

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Mugenkb1 Mugenkb1 26 August 2011

Some lingering questions from The 3rd Birthday I have.

So I done some analyzing and stuff and have these questions: So I watched the cutscenes from Episode 1. Somethings that stood out to me is that Hyde said "There's life even beyond death." Perhaps it may elude to Aya not being actually dead? And why did Emily Jefferson say "Remember where it all started sis" but Eve isn't her why call her sis? And I still don't understand the ghost looking Eve with the twisted face...

And is it possible for Eve to overdive into the past before Aya gets shot and somehow warn them and prevent that? Probably not right? Because the overdive wasn't created yet..?

Episode 2: Near the end of the episode, why would Eve hear voices of Eve? Why would Kyle say to Eve "your sister Eve is dead, and wonders the …

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 23 August 2011

Parasite Eve 2 On PSN Now!

Finally, it was released! Head to the Playstation Network to buy Parasite Eve for $5.99!

And considering Aya had a gunblade, and it is August 23rd... Happy birthday to Squall Leonhart! :D Just had to share that.

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Recorder18 Recorder18 14 July 2011

Parasite Eve 2 coming to North America PSN

PE2 is coming to North America PSN. The news is announced on the ESRB which lists PE2 as a PS3/ PSP title.

Any of you guys waiting for this?

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JordanaBrewsterFAN JordanaBrewsterFAN 25 April 2011

Unknown Woman telling Eve "Happy Birthday"

At the secret ending a blonde woman tells Eve in Aya's body "Happy Birthday. Its your fourth". Why was it her fourth. Is this like a cliffhanger for a sequel possibly "The 4th Birthday". Left4Deadseries FAN 10:41, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 17 April 2011

New Site+Coming Soon Downloads

Alrighty, Caligos_eve and I have made a new Parasite Eve livejournal community that everyone is free to join as long as you have a livejournal account.

On this livejournal, as soon as I get around to finish cleaning them up, I'll offer downloads on there such as official strategy guides, the novel, some of the Insider, and the mangas. (Caligos_eve is currently possibly having a friend translate the mangas as well.) Basically whatever scans we can either do ourselves or get our hands on will be available there. However, these will be locked so that only livejournal members that have joined the community can receive them, so make sure you join.

I'll also be posting a whole mess of icons and wallpapers up on there, so feel free to stop by (or s…

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 14 April 2011

Your Opinion On The 3rd Birthday

Alrighty, now that the spoilers rule have been lifted, I'm really kind of curious, what was everyone's opinion on it?

Even against all the people who didn't care for it, I did rather enjoy it. Sure the story was a little wonky and we nearly had a Kingdom Hearts thing going on, but the gameplay was amazing, for the most part the characters stayed in their natural attitude, and let's face it they could've destroyed the game as a whole but they didn't.

Was there anyone or anything about the game you didn't like?

I'm really still kind of creep-ed out by Maeda's voice, but I've somehow grown used to the stuttering and I sort of actually expect it. And I really enjoyed the romance between Kyle and Aya (sort of Aya...? Lol.) the scene during the fin…

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JordanaBrewsterFAN JordanaBrewsterFAN 13 April 2011


I think we should take out the spoilers since they aren't necesarry anymore. Left4Deadseries FAN 11:58, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 9 April 2011

Unlocking Everything

Since I keep getting asked how to unlock things, I've created this blog (read: REALLY EXTREMELY LONG LIST) of how to unlock everything.


  • Black Leather: Aya's default outfit (Defense B)
  • White Eider: Aya's default outfit (Defense A)
  • Maid Uniform: Unlocked by clearing the game on Easy or higher (Defense B)
  • Business Suit: Complete the game once on any difficulty and find the costume in an open locker in the locker rooms. (Defense B)
  • Swimear: Clear the game on the Hard difficulty (Defense C)
  • Titanium Bunny: Clear the game on Insane difficulty (Defense C)
  • Cheongasm: Clear the game on Normal difficulty or higher (Defense C)
  • Lightning Custom: Achieve a score of 50% or more on the bonus missions on Hard or higher difficulty. (Defense A)
  • Santa Solide…
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Okami925 Okami925 5 April 2011

Unanswered Questions About T3B Ending (SPOILERS)

Okay, so I just finished the game and I have to say, I'm still very confused. Normally I can understand even the strangest plots but there are still a lot of questions I have. For instance:

  • Why did Eve's going back to Time Zero change events that happened before Time Zero, like what happened to Ginger and Isabella?
  • What were Hyde's motivations before becoming a High One?
  • Who called in the team that shot Aya & Kyle?
  • Why could none of the CTI team remember Kyle after Time Zero?
  • How was Aya sill able to shoot Hyde despite her soul becoming "destroyed"? I mean, what changed this time around?
  • What happened after Eve shot Aya and Eve's body disappeared, then Kyle and Aya (Eve) were at the altar unharmed and Hyde's body was nowhere to be found?

I'm sorr…

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MitochondriaGal97 MitochondriaGal97 4 April 2011

Secret Ending

Hello Again,

To Those Who Have Finished The 3rd Birthday,

Did anyone of you see a Secret Ending?

If anyone did, can you please tell me how to get it?

Much Appreciated. =D XD

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MitochondriaGal97 MitochondriaGal97 4 April 2011

Over Energy Settings


I'm in desperate need of help here.

I don't get the Over Energy Settings

I don't know how to set it. It's very confusing. Me and My Brother seriously don't know what to do. :(

We would really appreciate it if someone can help us.

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 2 April 2011

The 3rd Birthday Character Concept Art

Finally finished editing the character concept art so I figured make a blog post for these because everyone's going to want to talk about them! So here, have fun with them all! My favorite has to be Aya's wedding dress, I wish it looked like that with gold detailing in-game, would've been amazing to see!

I decided to remove the names because of all the translation errors and changes, credit goes to Caligos_eve for scanning them, I just cleaned them.

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Yunagal95 Yunagal95 1 April 2011

Something(s) I noticed when I was playing the 3rd birthday...

Well I gotta say something, all those reviewers are wrong about this game (except IGN for once). The graphics are amazing and beautiful in FMV and in game, the storyline is pretty good and the gameplay system is fairly easy and not that complicated as people whined about.

I'm now on Episode 2 and on the non smoking sign (the one near Gabrielle before you enter the mens locker room) Aya says "Why do I smell smoke in a non-smoking facuilty? wait a minute...Gabrielle?!" so I'm guessing this means that Gabrielle is a smoker, even though she leads the physical exams :/

I even watched a clip from episode 4 and I gotta say...what have they done to Maeda?! I'm sure he didn't act this perverted and wierd in Parasite Eve, but then again Toriyama (the …

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Okami925 Okami925 31 March 2011

Reaper Boss

Well, I've started to play my copy of The 3rd Birthday and I seem to be stuck at chapter 5 (I believe) against the Reaper. I'm playing on Easy mode if that makes a difference. The first battle is fine, it's just the second time around (when it regenerates) seems to be giving me quite a problem.

So if anyone has personal tips to beat it or something from the guide I would be eternally indebted!

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 31 March 2011

Win A Yvonne Signed Aya Poster is having a contest for a chance to win a signed Aya Brea poster by her voice actor, Yvonne. To enter the contest you simply need to create a birthday card for Aya and send it in. It can be an original card or e-card, however the message needs to be original and Parasite Eve-based.


  • E-mail your entry to with "Aya Brea’s birthday" in the subject line if you design your own card.
  • If you use an e-greeting card maker *please* make sure your e-mail address is somewhere so we can contact you.
  • Residents in the USA and Canada are welcome to enter.


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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 29 March 2011

Opinions of Controls+First Levels (Spoilers For Beginning Two Levels)

So, I didn't get an ounce of sleep last night, probably won't get any today either, I spent the entire night getting ready for this moment by talking with Caligos eve the entire time I was up. (Thank god for different time zones, haha.)

Alrighty, first things first, I've got to talk about the controls. They're a little wonky, and even during the heat of battle if it seems like I know what I'm doing, I can still accidentally screw it up.

The controls are as follows because they changed it somewhat from the Japanese version:

  • Analog Stick - Moves Aya
  • Left Trigger - Aim, to change enemies press left or right directional buttons, to get the enemy closest to you press the down button
  • Right Trigger - Shoot (Note: You don't need to aim while you shoot, bu…
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JordanaBrewsterFAN JordanaBrewsterFAN 26 March 2011

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Since I got Dissidia Final Fantasy and I will get Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy soon, I wanted to ask how to unlock the costumes. Of course I should not bother about that right now since when I bough my PSP there wasn't any memory stick (If you whant make a comment about that too so I know if I was just unlucky or the memory stick doesnt come with the PSP but you have to buy it seperatly). Cause I whant to play as Lightning wearing Aya's costume.

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Yunagal95 Yunagal95 25 March 2011

ign review, and a good one at that

Finally The 3rd Birthday gets a pretty good review. IGN gives The 3rd Birthday an overall score of 8.5 (whats classed under "Great"), these people have also played the Parasite Eve games making this one of the best reviews so far.

Heres the full scores:

Jensen Ackles voice work for Kyle is heavily praised along with the graphics and gameplay. IGN have also released a few english screenshots but I'm not going to show them due to one or two being pretty spoilerish.

So finally The 3rd Birthday gets the apresiation it deserves you can read the full review here:

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 25 March 2011

English Event Video: Gabrielle Protects Aya

A little clip featuring Gabrielle as she gives a hint to why she protects Aya.

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 24 March 2011

English Site Videos

For those that haven't been keeping up with the official US site (and really, they update that thing like it's not coming out for another several years), I've posted the four newer videos on my youtube. I'm really, really enjoying Yvonne's voice more and more as I watch these.

Six days to go until the United States gets their hands on it!

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 22 March 2011

Update on Aya/Lightning Costume

Square Enix is planning to make Aya's costume for Lightning available for download on the 22nd, sort of to get ready for the amount of vouchers they're sending out, this could possibly mean The 3rd Birthday pre-orders and selling better than they thought it would. Of course you need to have pre-ordered The 3rd Birthday to receive the voucher for it, but it will be featured on PSN a few days before it.

No word on how we get the code for Lightning's costume for The 3rd Birthday or a date, but we hope it'll be cleared up soon.

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Yunagal95 Yunagal95 20 March 2011

English cutscene AND Karud's name change

Gametrailers has released an English cutscene from The 3rd Birthday:

As you can see Karud "Boss" Owen's name has been changed to Hunter "Boss" Owen for the English release. I honestly don't know why but this clip lets us see Yvonne and Hyde and "Hunter's" voices in action. I don't like Karud's/Hunter's its a bit too menacing in my openion but Hyde's is pretty awsome and Yvonne sounds better here than she did in the trailer.

So what you guys think of the voices and also Karud's name change?

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JordanaBrewsterFAN JordanaBrewsterFAN 20 March 2011

Types of Twisted

Since The 3rd Birthday are going to be releashed in a few days does anyone know the actual names of the Twisted. The only ones I know are the Reapers. For example Emilys monster form. How is it called? Left4Deadseries FAN 11:47, March 20, 2011 (UTC)

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 17 March 2011

Parasite Eve Now On US Playstation Network

Parasite Eve was released side by side last night with Dissidia Duodecim Prologus on the Playstation Network, it's playable on both the PSP and PS3. It's currently $5.99, to buy it either go on the Playstation Store via your PSP or PS3 or you can access it by downloading Media Go off the Playstation Network website and plugging in your game system that way.

Also, if you were planning on buying Dissidia Duodecim 012 to swap Aya and Lightning's outfit, I suggest picking up Duodecim Prologus as well. It will give you Final Fantasy VII's Aerith as an exclusive Assist and gives a couple exclusive items. Also with a $2.99 asking price, it's a rather good deal.

No word on when Parasite Eve will be on the European Playstation Network, but Duodecim Prologus will…

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 15 March 2011

Gabrielle's Name Spelling Possibility

So, as we're still trying to figure out the difference between her name being Gabrielle and Gabriel, I figured bring this up now. Note my Japanese isn't great, so the kanji or hiragana explanations might be slightly wrong.

  • Gabrielle's Artbook Page:

While I was glancing over the spelling (with my half-learnt Japanese since I haven't finished classes yet), have realized why we might be having this little war with Square Enix over her name.

When trying to spell Gabrielle in kanji, it is actually somewhat impossible to do. Now granted I can't tell you the reason why, because I'm not that far yet, but I think it's because they don't have a kanji or hiragana for the "ll" or "double l" because of their need for vowels. So if you read her name in kanji…

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 13 March 2011

Art Question To Those That Have Played (Spoiler Free)

This is a more technical/art question, and as such it shall remain spoiler-free.

Thanks to Caligos eve who was kind enough to scan it, I've gotten the scans of The 3rd Birthday artbook to clean up and share with the wiki (well, as much as I can get cleaned up anyways). But I've noticed that in the art for Aya's White Eider costume it has an extra focus on her belt around her waist. Not only that, but the belt in the art isn't featured in the model on the actual game itself.

Is there some reason the belt is given a more depth look or is it just because Square Enix likes to be art obsessive, like me? I haven't played the game so I'm wondering if maybe it's featured in a cutscene or something since the in-game model lacks it?

Like I said, no spo…

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 9 March 2011

Aya Brea/Lightning Costume Video

Figured this may interest some people that haven't seen it yet (I know it did me). Lightning in Dissidia gameplay of her Aya Brea costume. It actually looks really good in action, especially when she's shooting. I'm not sure if it's in the English release or not, but they also give you some PE music to listen to if you have the outfit-I'll be going insane listening to that while I fight.

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 9 March 2011

New Bit of English Battling+Screenshots+Guide

I've post a new video of English battling on my youtube for those that can't get the video on to load or it's taking too long. It's not much, just Aya having to defeat some monster to enter a building. Also, you get to hear the English Karud "Boss" Owen. I must say he has one of the creepiest voices to me, ever, unless that can be blamed on the electronic thingy connected to the Overdive that Aya's in.

Also, a whole bunch of English screenshots have been added to, so go have a look at those too.

Finally, the guide book has a cover now, it's going to look the exact same bright red as the game. If you haven't pre-ordered the English version yet, Amazon will sell you (and ship) The 3rd Birthday, The 3rd Birthday Signature…

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 3 March 2011

The 3rd Birthday Manga

It's been a while since this was even mentioned (was it even mentioned on this wiki? Hmm...) but last year in November it was announced in Square Enix's Monthly Shounen GanGan manga magazine that The 3rd Birthday would have a manga release just before the game was out. (In the pic there's The 3rd Birthday name with the words below it'll be released pre-game.) However, even now, I haven't heard or seen a thing about it.

Anyone know what happened to it? Or if anyone has the scans?

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 24 February 2011

The 3rd Birthday English Trailer

With the official announcement of April 1st being Europe's release date for the game, Square Enix has released an English trailer-I've posted it onto my youtube if you haven't seen it yet.

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JordanaBrewsterFAN JordanaBrewsterFAN 20 February 2011

Aya Brea's outfits

Aya has 11 outfits right. Her casual outfit unlocked from the beginning. Aya can wear her White Eider probably later in the game. But how do you unlock the other outfits. Like Lighting. I heard you can unlock it using a cheats code, but where how and what do you do? Left4Deadseries FAN 15:55, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 18 February 2011

The 3rd Birthday Websites

All (except the Japanese, obviously) have been updated.

Although the US version has the least amount of things, it has an entirely new look, the theme being red and black.

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 10 February 2011

Yvonne And Jensen Interviews About Aya and Kyle

Well... I'm sort of surprised this hasn't been posted, but anyways, here you guys go!

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Esperancia Esperancia 4 February 2011

Yumiko Shaku?

While talking about Aya Brea's VA in The 3rd Birthday, I kinda wonder whose voice is used in PE2. And according to wikipedia, it's Yumiko Shaku.

Oh, and there's also an article showing she once did a shoot to represent Aya or something, in accord with celebrating The Square Millennium Collection.

Here's the link:

And the pictures:

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 1 February 2011

Aya And Kyle's VA released and EU Special Version

The game will ship as the Twisted Edition as standard, and will feature “a number of exclusive items” as well as a hardback book which will feature art, “two deluxe Aya Brea Lithograph art prints and an exclusive Lightning in Aya Brea costume” for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy. No word yet on a US version.

The publisher’s also announced a celebrity voice cast, featuring Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski as main character Aya Brea and Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles as Kyle Madigan.

(This is taken from the European game site, vg247, from their interviews/news. They don't have a release date set yet except "Spring".)

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 1 February 2011

Possible Official US Date+Guide

According to both Gamestop and Amazon, The 3rd Birthday is now set for March 29th, and the prices has gone down by ten dollars. (This is probably due to the fact that Japan didn't seem to take too well to it.)

Also, Amazon has a page set for the guide already, it's called Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday Signature Series Guide and is being done by a common guide name, Brandy Games. It will be 356 pages and will be released the same day as the game. There is no cover art or anything for it yet, and Amazon seems to be the only one with any news on the guide.

Amazon Guide Page:

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Yunagal95 Yunagal95 30 January 2011

Square Enix invites you....

to the wedding of Aya Brea.

Apparantly this has been sent to different English speaking Square-Enix members. So does this mean that a english release and news are getting close? I sure do hope so :)

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AlexShepherd AlexShepherd 30 January 2011

Clock Tower + Haunting Ground wiki

Anyone like Clock Tower and/or Haunting Ground? Or maybe you like reading about another video game series. If so, you might be interested in Clock Tower Wiki.

Like PE Wiki, it's also "in the works" and I'm an admin there. It's kind of inactive - currently it's just me and another girl (note: don't read that the wrong way, I'm not a girl)

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Yunagal95 Yunagal95 27 January 2011

release dates popping up on various game sites

note these are probably just placeholders until an actual date is announced. March 31st

Gamestop: April 1st (hmmm....)

GAME: April 2nd

But it looks like that The 3rd Birthday definately will NOT be released in February due to the lack of anything on the english release but hopefully one of these sites may be actually close to the release date.

Also due to an unknown wiki contributor posting a spoiler I would like to ask to please don't post spoilers in categories i.e deceased characters, villians etc as it would ruin the game for those who wish to wait. (the spoiler posted a couple of days ago could have ruined the game for some if they wrote more on it) also to add if you do wish to write spoilers (like me :P ) please mark them as …

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Tysonkaiexperiment Tysonkaiexperiment 9 January 2011

English Voice Actors?

So-we have a little less than two months before the game is released pretty much everywhere else. I've read every English VA comment/question on the net, and I'm wondering who you guys think it'd be? A few people were saying they didn't want any voices, some were fine with only the Japanese ones, or some want the dub. Any recommendations or thoughts?

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Esperancia Esperancia 9 January 2011

A very resourceful walkthrough of Parasite Eve II, must see!

see for yourselves :) we must absolutely take something from that page.. or everything? 8D And the creature data are soo complete and informative. wow.

there's one for PE too, but it's not as complete as the PEII one (well, at least this one has no pictures in it)

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Esperancia Esperancia 5 January 2011

Uncertain names of The 3rd Birthday characters

Hyde Bohr / Hyde Borh..

Thelonius / Thelonious..

Gabriel / Gabrielle..

it's kinda different, the ones in the in-game trailer, official website (japanese), and The 3rd Birthday's wikipedia page.

How coome~ -_-

Let's wait for the US release hm.. which is still 3/4 months later.

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Yunagal95 Yunagal95 31 December 2010

Easter Egg on The 3rd Birthday

The 3rd Birthday has got quite a few easter eggs in it and heres one of them:

The ruined Offices of Square-Enix.

So what do you guys think? Should we make a page about various Easter Eggs and references that come into the series?

And I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and wish you all that it will be a good one :)

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