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Boss Stranger
350 300 200 30
Name Status Damage
Bite (1st Stage)
Bite (2nd Stage)
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
High HP Tables
Item Drops
Normal/ Replay/ Scavenger
Recovery2, MD Player
Bounty/ Nightmare
Pepper Spray
Location Akropolis Tower, Cafeteria

This Boss Stranger, also called the Greater Stranger, is a much larger and unique Stranger that serves as a mini-boss, the first of Parasite Eve II.

The Stranger transformation.

It is encountered by Aya Brea in the Akropolis Tower Café, where a young woman mutates into the monster right before Aya's eyes. It has double the hit points of a regular Stranger and is much larger, making it rather formidable, but still relatively easy as it is encountered early on in the game.

Due to its large size, the Boss Stranger is fairly slow, allowing Aya to use the tables in the café to take cover, if necessary. This is useful if Aya has to reload or wants to get some cheap shots while it's trying to find a way around. It takes double-damage from all front attacks, so try to have it facing Aya as the player attacks. It is also vulnerable to POISON and PARALYSIS, though given its lack of speed, using abilities to inflict these may seem excessive.

When its HP drops to 174 or below, the boss undergoes a minor transformation; it changes color, moves faster and takes half damage.

When it's defeated, in order for the game to progress, the body needs to be searched in order to find the Metallic Implant. This causes it to get up before being killed permanently by Rupert Broderick.


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