Bounty Points or BP (not to be confused with BP from the first game which means Bonus Points) is a form of currency used in Parasite Eve II. The player earns BP by killing enemies, and can trade BP for weapons, armor, items, and ammo at the game's shops.

M.I.S.T. agents earn BP by killing NMCs and ANMCs. Their BP is registered using special contact lenses with a nano-computer which record their kills - this is revealed by Jodie Bouquet if the player asks "What are BP?" multiple times in the beginning of the game.

Jodie runs the BP shop at M.I.S.T. Headquarters in Los Angeles. When Aya Brea goes to Dryfield, Pierce Carradine makes a deal with Gary Douglas for Aya to buy some of his guns with BP, for which he will be compensated by the F.B.I. later. Aya is surprised to learn that the Armory in the Neo Ark Shelter uses BP as well, hinting at involvement by M.I.S.T. agents in the conspiracy. When the Army arrives, Aya can also use BP to buy weapons from them, as this had been approved by the government.

At the end of the game, the player is awarded bonus BP for items in their inventory, storage and for completing certain events which are added to any unused BP they may have left over. Almost every item with the exception of ammunition and pre-purchased spells will count toward this total, giving the player half the purchase price. A percentage of this total will be made available to the player at the start of a new game using that save data. Most game modes also multiply the final BP total, depending on the difficulty:

  • Normal Mode & Replay Mode: No BP multiplier (x1).
  • Bounty Mode: BP total is multiplied by x3.
  • Scavenger Mode: BP total is multiplied by x5.
  • Nightmare Mode: BP total is multiplied by x10.

Enemy BP values

Enemy Name BP
Bass 36
Bat 18
Beta Generator 200
Bishop GOLEM 2500
Black Beetle 53
Blizzard Chaser (1st fight) 200
Blizzard Chaser (2nd fight) 300
Blood Suckler 28
Bog Diver 88
Bone Suckler 20
Boss Stranger 200
Brahman (core) 500
Brahman (head) 500
Brahman (neck) 500
Brahman (left arm) 5000
Brahman (right arm) 5000
Brahman (belly) 500
Brahman (tail) 2000
Brahman (left tentacle) 3000
Brahman (right tentacle) 3000
Brain Stinger 152
Brute 102
Burner (if killed) 1000
Burner (if escapes) 0
Caterpillar 28
Creeping Stranger 48
Derangement Speaker 0
Desert Chaser 50
Eve 10000
Eve (illusion) 1000
Enemy Name BP
Glutton (1st fight) 200
Glutton (2nd fight) 200
Gray Stalker 200
Green Amoeba 86
Grinning Stranger 48
Horned Stranger 200
Ivory Stalker 300
Knight GOLEM 1000
Lesser Stranger 82
Mad Chaser 40
Maggot 68
Mind Suckler 36
Mossback 152
Moth 18
No. 9 GOLEM (Akropolis) 800
No.9 GOLEM (Dryfield) 300
Odd Stranger 34
Pawn GOLEM 100
Proto Generator 100
Puppet Stinger 500
Rat 22
Red Amoeba 420
Rook GOLEM 400
Scavenger 62
Scorpion 8
Sea Diver 1000
Skull Stalker 32
Slouch 36
Sucklerceph 12
Watcher 0
Zebra Stalker 36

  • In both fights with the Glutton, attacking its shoulders will cause it to stomp the ground and make 2 Mad Chasers fall down. Up to 8 Mad Chasers can be summoned this way in each fight, allowing the player to gain extra EXP and BP.
    • Killing the Glutton in the 2nd fight by attacking it directly or by luring it into the compactor will give the same BP (The difference is in what items are rewarded after the battle).
  • In the fight with the Brahman, its core is initially concealed. Once any two of its other body parts are destroyed, it will expose its core. Destroying the core will end the battle. To get the maximum EXP and BP, all other body parts must also be destroyed before the core is killed. This has the added benefit of reducing the final HP value of Eve.
  • In the final battle with Eve, about halfway through the fight she will begin to attack by making a ghostly copy of herself. She will do this up to 10 times. These copies can be destroyed for extra EXP and BP.

Item BP values

Weapon Name BP shop price BP ending bonus
Pe2_icon_gun_yellow.png AS12 12500 6250
Pe2_icon_gun_blue.png Grenade Pistol 1680 840
Pe2_icon_gun_yellow.png Gunblade 10000 5000
Pe2_icon_tool_red.png Hammer (unattached) 3720 1860
Pe2_icon_gun_purple.png Hypervelocity 20000 10000
Pe2_icon_tool_red.png Javelin (unattached) 7500 3750
Pe2_icon_tool_red.png M203 (unattached) 2130 1065
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M249 15800 7900
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1 Rifle 2450 1225
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1(+1)
     (M4A1 + 1 Rifle Clip)
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1(+2)
     (M4A1 + 2 Rifle Clips)
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1 Bayonet
     (M4A1 + M9)
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1 Grenade
     (M4A1 + M203)
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1 Hammer
     (M4A1 + Hammer)
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1 Pyke
     (M4A1 + Pyke)
Pe2_icon_gun_red.png M4A1 Javelin
     (M4A1 + Javelin)
Pe2_icon_tool_red.png M9 (unattached) 980 490
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png M93R 2000 1000
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png M950 5750 2875
Pe2_icon_gun_blue.png MM1 23500 11750
Pe2_icon_gun_green.png Mongoose 2850 1425
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png MP5A5 6980 3490
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png MP5A5(+1)
     (MP5A5 + 1 SMG Clip)
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png MP5A5(+2)
     (MP5A5 + 2 SMG Clips)
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png P08 680 340
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png P08 (S.Magazine)
     (P08 + Snail Magazine)
Pe2_icon_gun_teal.png P229 1880 940
Pe2_icon_gun_yellow.png PA3 1000 500
Pe2_icon_tool_red.png Pyke (unattached) 5180 2590
Pe2_icon_tool_red.png Rifle Clip (2) (unattached) 1800 900
Pe2_icon_tool_teal.png SMG Clip (2) (unattached) 3980 1990
Pe2_icon_tool_teal.png Snail Magazine (unattached) 1000 500
Pe2_icon_gun_yellow.png SP12 3980 1990
Pe2_icon_gun_white.png Tonfa Baton 1000 500
Armor Name BP shop price BP ending bonus
Pe2_icon_armor.png Assault Suit 1000 500
Pe2_icon_armor.png Aya Special 8000 4000
Pe2_icon_armor.png Chicken Plate 1000 500
Pe2_icon_armor.png Combat Armor 3250 1625
Pe2_icon_armor.png EOD Suit 4580 2290
Pe2_icon_armor.png Leather Jacket 1000 500
Pe2_icon_armor.png Monk Robe 3000 1500
Pe2_icon_armor.png NBC Suit 3980 1990
Pe2_icon_armor.png PASGT Vest 2980 1490
Pe2_icon_armor.png Psy Suit 4580 2290
Pe2_icon_armor.png Shoulder Holster 2580 1290
Pe2_icon_armor.png Tactical Armor 12800 6400
Pe2_icon_armor.png Tactical Vest 2120 1060
Pe2_icon_armor.png Turtle Vest 1680 840
Item Name BP shop price BP ending bonus
Pe2_icon_tool.png Belt Pouch 10000 5000
Pe2_icon_item.png Cola 120 60
Pe2_icon_tool.png Combat Light 60 30
Pe2_icon_item.png Eau De Toilette 190 95
Pe2_icon_tool.png Flare 150 75
Pe2_icon_tool.png GPS 1000 500
Pe2_icon_tool.png Holy Water 5000 2500
Pe2_icon_tool.png Hunter Goggles 1000 500
Pe2_icon_tool.png Lipstick 5000 2500
Pe2_icon_tool.png MD Player 1000 500
Pe2_icon_tool.png Medicine Wheel 27800 13900
Pe2_icon_item.png MP Boost 1 320 160
Pe2_icon_item.png MP Boost 2 580 290
Pe2_icon_tool.png Ofuda 5000 2500
Pe2_icon_item.png Penicillin 80 40
Pe2_icon_tool.png Pepper Spray 100 50
Pe2_icon_item.png Protein Capsule 10000 5000
Pe2_icon_item.png Recovery 1 100 50
Pe2_icon_item.png Recovery 2 180 90
Pe2_icon_item.png Recovery 3 350 175
Pe2_icon_item.png Ringer's Solution 200 100
Pe2_icon_tool.png Skull Crystal 5000 2500
Pe2_icon_item.png Stim 80 40

  • Items with a shop price in red are not available for purchase in the shops in the Normal game. They may be unlocked for purchase in Replay Mode by earning various ranks. Some items may also be available in Scavenger and Nightmare Modes, such as the Belt Pouch, Lipstick, Medicine Wheel and Protein Capsule.
  • Items with a shop price marked in blue are the prices found within the game, but cannot be seen under normal circumstances.
  • All items in the game have an established BP value, key items included. They each have a setting that determines if an item has an endgame BP value or not. If it does, 50% of the BP value is added to the final BP total. The default BP value (which is evident in most of the key item values) appears to be 1000.
  • The M4A1, MP5A5, and P08 weapons have various attachments. The ending bonus BP value will change depending on whether these are currently attached to the weapon or not. The total BP bonus value of a weapon with attachments is not equal to the value of the weapon and attachment separately since the game treats each attached weapon as a separate entity.

Other BP values

  • At the start of the game, the player will have the following BP amounts:
    • Normal Mode: 200 BP
    • Replay Mode: 10% of the BP total from the clear save data
    • Bounty Mode: 5% of the BP total from the clear save data
    • Scavenger Mode: 1% of the BP total from the clear save data
    • Nightmare Mode: 0 BP
  • In the Shooting Gallery at M.I.S.T. Headquarters, the player can earn 100, 200, or 300 BP in each of the 5 levels of the target practice. Only one prize is awarded per level, so it's best to save beforehand and reset if the score isn't high enough to win the 300 BP.
  • The following key items have a BP bonus awarded at the end of the game:
    • Armory Cardkey: 10,000 BP
    • Aeris (Sept. Issue): 5,000 BP
    • Mendel (Sept. Issue): 10,000 BP
    • Bowman's Card: 30,000 BP
    • Yoshida's Card: 15,000 BP (Kyle's route / Bad Ending, only)
    • Teddy Bear: 10,000 BP
  • The following events also have a BP bonus awarded at the end of the game:
    • Pierce Rescue Bonus: 30,000 BP
    • Soldier Rescue Bonus: 30,000 BP


  • If the player wants to max BP, they can hack the game on emulator using Cheat Engine. Search for the current BP value, buy something in the game, and do a "next scan" with the new BP value in order to single out the BP address.
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