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Aya at the CTI headquarters.

The CTI Headquarters is a location in The 3rd Birthday. The Counter Twisted Investigation HQ bases the Overdive system in which Aya Brea can "Overdive" into the past. There are several residents within the CTI HQ.

It is replaced by Maeda's House near the rest of the game.


More areas will become available as the story progresses.

Overdive room

This is the room where Overdive takes place. The central monitor accesses the main menu, and the left-hand monitor accesses case files.

Weapons locker

Weapons are stored in this room. Approach the firearms counter to acquire/customize weapons. Practice rounds can be fired in the Battle Simulator.

Locker room

This is the locker room for CTI personnel. Aya can change her gear; different gear has different defensive skills.


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