80 6 28 1
Name Status Damage
Drop Bump
Notes: Aya takes 2 extra damage from Caterpillar if it's on fire.
Strength Weakness
Small size Not too dangerous
Item Drops
Location Akropolis Tower, Shelter

This Caterpillar NMC is a weaker version of the Maggot. Their attacks consist of winding up and leaping at the Aya to do damage (an attack they telegraph well in advance, giving the player plenty of time to evade it). Given their low HP and vulnerability to a number of effects and weapon types, Caterpillars are not hard to kill so long as a player takes care to avoid their attacks.


All fire attacks work well, given they will be lit on fire and will take burning damage until they die. Combustion at just about any level can one-shot an entire group. If it does not kill them, evade their slow attacks until their HP is depleted. POISON and PARALYSIS attacks work fairly well in disabling them.

Caterpillars flinch while taking a hit, leaving them in a permanent stunlock if the player uses a full-auto weapon against them such as the M950 and MP5A5. This strategy is not recommended if a large number of them are actively approaching/attacking Aya.

Given they are one the rare few NMCs that takes critical hit damage, weapons such as the M93R, P08 and P229 work fairly well if the player can engage them one at a time.


  • While burning, they can do slightly more damage to Aya if one manages to hit her. If fire is the player's strategy, take extra caution to evade their melee attacks.
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