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Central Park
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Enemies Bear
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Central Park is a location in New York City in Parasite Eve, where Mitochondria Eve flees to after the events of Day 1, to pursue Melissa Pearce's Christmas concert at Delacorte Theater, and is the major 'dungeon' for Day 2's events. It is full of mutated animals from the zoo who have transformed due to their modified mitochondria from Eve's telepathic presence.

Parasite Eve

After the beginning of Day 2, Eve is reported in the park as Aya Brea and Daniel Dollis return from encountering Hans Klamp at the American Museum of Natural History, and Daniel swiftly rushes to save his son, Ben, and his ex-wife Lorraine. Aya gives chase to Daniel before he can enter the park, and stops him from going in as his arm begins to combust, thus been given the task to save his family and subdue Eve alone.


Parasite Eve - Cutscene 7 - A Captive Audience

Eve melting an audience.

In the beginning of Day 2, Ben had concert tickets for his father, mother, and himself so they could try to be a family again, but Daniel, being caught up in the Eve case and the natural line of NYPD work, Daniel had let it slip his mind, causing Ben to run off with his mother into the park for the concert. However, before the concert had began, Ben begin to feel ill, and left the concert before Eve could convert the entire audience into a slime mass.

Eve takes Aya for a ride.

While Aya is investigating this area, Eve appears before her and convinces her to take a horse-drawn carriage so they may talk. Instead, Eve makes the horse spontaneously combust and battles Aya while the horse takes off with her inside. The battle lasts around the outside of the park until Eve disappears and Aya's left with the burning horse and the rampant carriage, where Aya is knocked out, and is later found by Kunihiko Maeda.


  • The music that plays is "Missing Perspective".
  • The audience that came to watch Melissa's concert have severe amount of "too dumb to live" logic. The night after nearly everyone was immolated at Carnegie Hall and news got out, an audience forms where a floating monstrous woman begins creepily talking about mitochondria and humanity, and instead of fleeing, they watch like nothing could go wrong.


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