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The Chapel Memo is a book found in the Sanctuary in Parasite Eve II. It's entitled "The Book of Lamentations". It can only be read, not picked up.


"The Book of Lamentations."

"For the most part, parasites are unaware of their dependent role..." K. Fabin.

"Parasites excel in finding suitable hosts."  C. Sajita.

"Parasites propagate and multiply." H. Seinger.

"Parasites follow the basest of desires and thereby prosper."  G. Roberts.

"Parasites form colonies, yet if their host dies, they feed on each other." A. Morgan.

"Parasites do not directly kill, yet eventual host death is unavoidable." R. Molchkov.

""Is it not the providence of nature that parasites outnumber hosts?" W.A. Vasquez.

"Weak parasites torment weak hosts, ensuring mutual destruction." D.R. Tsao.

An interesting, obscure manuscript. No need to carry this around.