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Welcome to the Savannah Zone. This zone is home to the ANMCs known as 'Chasers.' After leaving the forests, humanity's ancestors lived in the savannah. What if our ancestors stayed in the savannah, discarding their tools and walked on all fours? The Chaser is the answer to this question. Chasers have hooflike feet for fast movement across the plains. Their mentality is geared to support an organized herd social structure. Their unequalled success as hunters is largely due to refined teamwork.
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Chasers are ANMCs that resemble small alpacas. They are very powerful but predictable monsters. Their only method of attacking is based off of charging and in narrow areas, they can be very dangerous as their charges can knock Aya down and if she's trying to reload, this can be nasty. There are several variants that appear in Parasite Eve II.

Desert Chaser

Desert chaser.png
Main article: Desert Chaser

The first ANMC that is encountered in Dryfield, it telegraphs its attacks by crouching down and raising their hind quarters. Once they start moving, they can be dodged fairly easily but it does require good practice and timing. Pyrokinesis can knock them down which makes them easier to kill. They appear namely in Dryfield and the Mine.

Blizzard Chaser

Main article: Blizzard Chaser

This monster first appears in a cutscene after the swapping of disks and is the first boss in the mines. The Blizzard Chaser attacks very differently than the Desert Chaser as it will attempt to pounce on Aya from the other side of the room. It is a very dangerous monster but it doesn't have a lot of HP until its second and more powerful form.

Mad Chaser

Main article: Mad Chaser

One of the creepiest enemies, the Mad Chaser attacks by flopping on Aya but it doesn't do this a lot. It only is a deformed arm, a head and torso. They are not very hard and will die easily.

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