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49 4200 5000 321/18
Cyanide Acid Tranq. Heat Freeze
Strong Strong Strong Strong Strong
Confuse Steal Scan Slow Escape
Strong Strong Strong Strong No
Item Chrysler Key 5
Steal None
Attacks Antennae whip attack
Location Chrysler Building Floor 50

Cockroaches are bosses in Parasite Eve, located exclusively on the 50th floor of the Chrysler Building. The cockroach comes in the form of two cockroaches: a big cockroach which eventually births an egg which releases a smaller cockroach. Throughout the battle, the smaller cockroach grows in size to the same size as the bigger cockroach.

This boss is pretty tricky. It's only got one attack, and that's using its antennae as a whip. It's a pretty painful attack, too, but if that was all this bug had, it'd be pretty easy. The tricky part is when it starts shaking, because that means it's giving birth. You can see the larva slowly sliding out of the bug's backside. Once it pops out, it'll instantly metamorphosize into a second roach with identical stats to its mother, and once it grows to its full size, it'll join the attack against you. All the while, the first bug has taken to the skies, where it'll fire Poison-inflicting energy bombs at you.

You can kill either roach, but no matter what, once there's only one left, the remaining bug will start giving birth to another. The only way to stop the cycle is to kill both at somewhat the same time. If you've got Burst, this will all go a lot smoother, since you'll be able to shoot both at once. Otherwise, you'll have to alternate from target to target, soften one up while killing the other, or some other strategy to make sure they both die one after another. Once one cockroach is dead, the player must try to kill the other in less than 30 seconds or else another will be born.

If the player has strong enough equipment, it is possible to kill the first cockroach and end the fight quickly before another cockroach is born.

Cockroach Offspring Stats

  • Level: 49
  • HP: 1200
  • BP: 0
  • EXP: 0
  • Drops: None
  • Steal: None
  • Attacks: Antennae whip attack
  • Weak: None
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