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Welcome to the Ocean Zone. This zone is home to the ANMCs known as "Divers." It has been said that humans began as ocean-dwelling creatures. The slight webbing between our fingers and our light body hair are relics from that time. This theory also holds that we first learned to walk upright in the water. The Divers are our concept of humanity's ultimate form... If we had never left the water! Their smooth, hairless skin, flipper feet, and great lung capacity make them kings of the deep. They're excellent swimmers, of course. And they can stay submerged up to 40 minutes! In exchange for losing walking legs, Divers hand a light-emitting organ to draw prey to them! This special organ can also be used to paralyze prey remotely. This breed has been one of the most successful ANMCs at our facility. If you're lucky, you may get to see one drift right over your head!
Neo Ark announcer

Divers are the only aquatic ANMC that Aya will encounter. They are dangerous for first time players who don't know how to fight them. They only appear when they are going to attack and consequently cannot be damaged very often. They are always encountered in narrow areas. Pyrokinesis or Firefly ammo are a must as they can easily be killed with these.

Bog Divers

Main article: Bog Diver

First encountered swimming in the waters in the B2 floor of the Shelter, they are dangerous because of their attack pattern. Fire spells or Firefly ammo is a must otherwise they can take and deal a lot of damage to Aya overall.

Sea Diver

Main article: Sea Diver

A massive Bog Diver, the Sea Diver is encountered in a small submarine area under an island in Neo Ark. It is considered an optional boss and can be dangerous but the rewards are very good.

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