Emily Jefferson (boss)

Emily Jefferson
Emily art.png
Statistics (Easy)
19200 1800 1600
Statistics (Normal)
24000 1800 1600
Statistics (Hard)
43200 3300 3200
Statistics (Deadly)
75600 4170 4800
Statistics (Insane)
259200 6020 6400
Resistant to Recoil B
Resistant to Stagger A
Episode(s) 1
Descent Kill Yes

Emily Jefferson is a boss in The 3rd Birthday. She is fought at the end of Chapter 1: A Brave New World. She is a special case of Twisted/High One: a human with their consciousness intact.


Emily Jefferson
Boss fight. Emily Jefferson

Her appearance is that of a huge, globular, rounded, caterpillar-body styled Twisted with sharp swirly spikes on its "stomach" and two flailing arms. If compared, it looks like a fat, headless abomination with markings or tattoos. She also appear in a "ghost mode" in which the sharp spikes don't appear as such.


Phase 1

EmilyJ 1stStage.jpg
Early phase against Emily, note her ability to become incorporeal

If you don't have Liberation at the start then wait for Emily to disappear then dodge out of her way. Once then she'll summon her "Emily blades", use them to increase your Liberation, also when the tornadoes HP start turning yellow try and bounce the tornadoes into Emily to damage her. Once Liberation is done and you Overdive Killed her once the next phase will start.

Phase 2

Breaking Incorporeality.jpg
When Emily's health is reduced due to the collisions with the 'blade', she will be vulnerable to the 'Liberation Overdive Kill'

She'll then start trying to crush you or flail her arms at you, best is to dodge and use launchers and handgun to deplete her HP as well as increasing your Liberation, this is because she may use her Twisted rays and kill you instantly, therefore it's handy to have Liberation. If enough time is spent then she'll revert back into "ghost mode" and Phase 1 will starts again. Overdive Kill her to end the battle.

Report entry

A special case: a human turned Twisted with her consciousness intact.

When it shows signs of transforming and enters its darkness phase, it emits a deep scarlet shadow to reduce its foes' visibility to zero. It's impervious to damage in this state.

The Emily's Fang that appears out of the darkness rotates at frighteningly high speeds as it comes after Aya, thirsty for blood.

Overdive Kills are effective for breaking the Twisted out of the darkness phase. Avoid its descent kills - true to the name, they're fatal.


  • While in her High One form, some of Emily's quotes throughout Chapter 1 can be heard.
  • While fighting Emily, the music "Bloody Black" is played.
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