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Eve Brea
Eve in The 3rd Birthday
Around 2 or 3 chronologically (PE2)
Around 10 to 12 biologically
(born c.1999)
Hair color
Eye color
Neo Ark research experiment (PE2)
FBI agent (T3B)
Parasite Eve II
The 3rd Birthday
Yumiko Morikawa (Japanese; Parasite Eve II)
Rei Okamoto (Japanese; The 3rd Birthday)
Molly Quinn (English, The 3rd Birthday)
I just can't! I can't do this! I just want you to stay. I always... I always wanted to be just like you. You're so strong and you're so kind... I don't... I just can't...
—Eve, reluctant to kill Aya Brea

Eve Brea is a character in Parasite Eve II and the true protagonist of The 3rd Birthday. She was adopted by Aya Brea and Kyle Madigan at the end of Parasite Eve II. Eve is the true protagonist in The 3rd Birthday.

Aya considers Eve to be her little sister as opposed to her daughter. However, it is important to note that Aya does not view Eve as a replacement for Maya Brea.


As the clone of Aya, Eve looks just like her as girl: Japanese and Caucasian descent, blue eyes and light blonde hair. In The 3rd Birthday, Eve is the same height as she was in Parasite Eve II, suggesting that either her adult body is that of a girl's, or for unknown reasons, she has stopped aging like Aya. This is likely due to the effects of being Aya's clone, and bearing her special mitochondria and genetic makeup.

In Parasite Eve II, her uniform is similar to the PsySuit, with the collar in red, and red stripes going down sides and the cuffs of her sleeves, across the pockets, and along the bottom hem of the torso. She wears simple black shorts, although they are covered by her uniform, and a pair of black and red sneakers.

Her helmet is black and in a symmetrical decagon shape, and the back is drawn into a pointed tail. The visor and several circles making up the ventilation glow with a red light. This helmet is a brainwave amplifier.

In The 3rd Birthday, Eve wears two outfits. Her casual outfit is a beige jacket with pale green accents, red short shorts, red leggings, and brown shoes with white socks. She wears another outfit at the wedding which resembles a pink dress.


Aya notes that Eve has a very innocent and pure personality. She is also the only benevolent Eve while the other Eves are more malevolent and inhuman.

Eve is spontaneously curious, warm and popular when she goes to school. She has a craving for knowledge.

Eve also seems to enjoy listening to rock music and is a fan of Ginger's band Time for Truth.


Eve was created and raised by the Shadow government as a tool to harness and control ANMCs. She is a clone of Aya created with her stolen DNA.

In Parasite Eve II, which is set in September 2000, Aya noted that Eve's X-rays in the operation room looked like those of at least a 10 year old, although they are only 15 months old, implying Eve was created around 1999. Aya can also learn that in January 1998, a shadowy organization collected a neo-mitochondria DNA sample from Aya to use for their ANMCs, meaning that Eve may have also been created using Aya's DNA in 1998.

Eve in her brainwashing room.

Eve was kept in a room inside the shelter deep in the underground ark called Neo Ark. She was brainwashed and experimented upon in horrific and torturous ways which involved physical, emotional and psychological abuse. Eve was mind controlled to feel the emotion of fear to heighten her self-preservatory instincts. When given drawing materials by researchers, she drew horrific pictures of hacked bleeding bodies and charred corpses, likely because she was forced to see frightening and disturbing imagery/videos to test her emotional state. Even her toy building blocks had curved edges in order to frustrate and stress her, as she could not build anything as it would just fall over.[1][2] There were also TV monitors for brainwashing.[3] Aya notes how the room and objects in them were designed to make a child feel stressed.[4]

Despite this, she still somehow managed to stay pure. Eve created a barrier because she didn't want to be used anymore.

Parasite Eve II

During the commotion at the shelter, in which the scientists and staff members evacuated the facility due to their experiments breaking loose, Eve was apparently somehow able to escape her room, although she was left behind all alone to fend for herself. However, because she could control the ANMCs, they would leave her alone. No. 9 GOLEM began to target Eve.

Eve on Puppet Stinger's shoulder.

Eve later commands a Puppet Stinger to attack Aya. Aya battled through to the defenses of Eve's room after defeating the Puppet Stinger. Kyle was considering killing her, but Aya put her hand on his gun. She calmed Eve down and removed her helmet, which was amplifying her powers tenfold. Calming Eve down made her lose her control over the ANMCs in Neo Ark, Dryfield, and Mojave Desert. With no master to control them, they merely collapsed where they stood, allowing the GOLEM defense units to retake the shelter and ark without any resistance.

While escaping, Eve seems to have a headache and runs off. Eve is soon captured by No. 9 GOLEM in a submarine tunnel. No. 9 calls Eve the "queen" and says she won't "die" but she won't "really be alive either".

Aya tries to track down Eve using the dog Flint and a teddy bear with Eve's scent. Aya eventually finds Eve, who is helmeted again, about to be fed to a monster's cocoon. However Kyle betrays No. 9 and, after the satellite attack, Eve is consumed by the remains of the monster, resulting in the creation of a flying being. After Aya defeats this form, she reverts back to normal. Eve and Aya are rescued by medics.

After the commemorative at the end of the game, it is revealed that Aya adopted Eve, and Rupert Broderick pulled some strings to make it look like Eve is Aya's younger sister. It also seems that Eve has lost her neo-mitochondrial powers.


Parasite Eve 2 ending

Aya and Eve meet Kyle in the museum.

A year later, Eve reunites with Kyle at the American Museum of Natural History.

A decade of peace

For about 10 years, between 2001-2010, Aya helped raise Eve with Kyle, presumably in New York City. Kyle also acted as a bodyguard for both of them.

Although much of what happened in this time is unknown, Eve attended school and graduated from State University of New York in 2008. Eve became best friends with Emily Jefferson; the isolation Emily and Eve experienced is what brought them together. Eve also became a fan of Ginger.

It is likely Eve and Aya were the subjects of mitochondrial and biological research, as neither of them showed signs of aging. Both of them also probably became famous to a degree, which is likely the reason for Eve's isolation, as it would be difficult to tell who wanted to befriend her out of sincerity or mere popularity.

The 3rd Birthday

Aya and Kyle were planned to be wed at Saint Thomas Church on December 24th, 2010, which is known in the game as Time Zero. Eve brought Emily along to the wedding. However, before Aya and Kyle could exchange vows, a mysterious group of SWAT members loaded gunfire on her and Kyle. When Eve saw Aya dying, she switched consciousness with Aya through her mitochondria powers to try and save her, which resulted in "Overdive" being born. By Overdiving into Aya, Eve caused Aya's soul/consciousness to be destroyed and reborn as the Twisted.

Eve's body being held by Hyde.

Without a consciousness in Eve's body, Eve went missing (during the game, Kyle later reveals that Eve "died" at an unknown point in time.) The death of Eve's body resulted in the creation of the "High Ones" which contained Eve's missing memories. As for Kyle, he survived the initial gunfire and simply "disappeared" as well.

There are no mentions of Eve's or Kyle's bodies being found. The datalogs for both Eve and Kyle at the start of the game says there are no records of their existence, implying both of them were erased from existence or from the regular space-time continuum. A more grounded theory posits that Kyle knew whoever was behind the team were probably after Eve's body, as both Aya and Eve have been targeted in the past, and realized there was a bigger conspiracy occurring. After he survived the gunfire, he may have been hospitalized, recovered, and hid his identity for his own protection. As Kyle was connected to the government, he may have immediately asked them to wipe out all records of him and Eve for their own protection (which is why the CTI would have no records of them later), and Eve may have eventually died in a coma later, which would explain why he claims Eve is dead. Kyle also may have succumbed to his High One body and phased out of regular existence and truly went missing after.

"Who... am... I...?"

With Eve's consciousness in Aya's body, Hyde Bohr found Eve lying in the front of the church. Eve had forgotten all of her memories, and for the next 3 years, Eve assumed an identity of Aya Brea. Eve joined the Counter Twisted Investigation (CTI) in order to fight against the Twisted. Eve also became close friends with CTI sniper Gabrielle Monsigny, and Gabrielle died during a Twisted attack, leaving Eve feeling responsible and guilty for it.

With her memories gone, Kyle simply assumed that Aya was suffering from amnesia, not knowing that "Aya" was truly Eve. The game does not explain why there was a lack of contact between Kyle and Aya/Eve; it is possible both Kyle and Aya/Eve went into hiding after the incident for their own protection, and Hyde may have tried to prevent their contact, and Kyle may have phased out of existence at some point.

Phantom Eve.

Throughout the game, a phantom "Eve" is sometimes seen as a Twisted. The true identity of "Eve's Phantom" is Eve's physical body having lost its mind - a "wanderer of time", searching for her scattered pieces of mind (memories). She's only a "possibility" based on an uncertain past and her existence isn't stable. This is why there are instances when she disappears or is seen as a Twisted. When Emily went to Ginger's concert at Club Sacrifice, she thought that Eve would be there, but Emily encountered Eve's phantom. When Thelonious Cray sees Phantom Eve, he instead sees his deceased daughter Isabella.

In the end of the game, Eve returns to Time Zero, back in her own body. Hyde confronts Eve and reveals the truth of Time Zero, the Twisted and the High Ones. Hyde tells Eve his plan to become one with her in order for them to experience a rebirth and gave birth to descendants which are advanced life forms which can end the war against the Twisted. When Eve asks Hyde if the people who are important to her will be in this future, Hyde claims they're "nothing", upsetting Eve.

Eve being able to speak to Aya again.

When Hyde attempts to force himself into Eve, Aya somehow appears and kills him. Aya tells Eve to shoot her. Aya and Eve become surrounded by a green light, which is a kind of Overdive. Thanks to Aya, their minds can be exchanged back calmly. Aya and Eve Overdive and switch consciousnesses and Eve (as Aya) kills Aya (in Eve's body). Eve is now permanently in Aya's body, as Aya's consciousness and Eve's body are now gone. Eve realizes that Aya has sacrificed her own life in order to prevent the creation of the Twisted, thus saving humanity one last time.

Having realized that Eve is in Aya's body, Kyle stops the wedding.

After hearing Kyle's disembodied voice, Eve finds him alive and well. Aya's voice then gives Eve some final words of encouragement accompanied with a light, before a new timeline is created. One in which Eve's physical form never existed nor Aya's soul. The scene switches back to the wedding. As Kyle is about to marry Aya Brea who is now Eve, he chuckles and tells Eve to be strong and independent about her own life, and that he and Aya will watch over her. He then states that he is on a quest to find eternity (Aya), and wishes Eve a happy birthday before leaving the church.

Eve, in Aya's body, being told by the mysterious woman, "Happy birthday. It's your fourth."

During the secret ending of The 3rd Birthday, a blonde woman with a hair style similar to Aya's walks by Eve in the middle of a snow-filled street and dressed a large brown trench coat. She wishes Eve a happy birthday before disappearing into thin air as Eve searches around wildly. It could have been Aya's voice and Eve's unconscious just imagining her, Aya making a final appearance by taking over someone's body, or simply all part of Eve's imagination. Either way, the woman is taller than Eve, even when she's in Aya's body. This could be because Eve was always shorter than Aya and still sees her as being taller, so no matter whose body she's in her subconscious remembers the fact.

In her notes, Eve mentions that she is a member of the FBI's secret operative team. She mentions that she lives in a world with no Twisted, but that she "can still feel them sometimes". Eve has a feeling that another disaster may occur again one day.


Aya says Eve is attending junior high.

In Parasite Eve II, which is set in September 2000, Aya noted that Eve's X-rays in the operation room looked like those of at least a 10 year old, although they are only 15 months old, implying Eve was created around 1999. Aya can also learn that in January 1998, a shadowy organization collected a neo-mitochondria DNA sample from Aya to use for their ANMCs, meaning that Eve may have also been created using Aya's DNA in 1998. Upon examining Eve's bed, Aya notes that Eve has a high growth rate.

In the good ending of Parasite Eve II, Aya states that Eve has attended junior high for a month, suggesting Eve already has the mentality of an early teenager.

When Time Zero occurred in December 2010 in The 3rd Birthday, Eve had the mentality of a young woman in her 20s at the time of Aya's death. This can also be reconfirmed by the character notes in the game, which stated that Eve graduated from State University of New York in 2008.

In the conclusion of The 3rd Birthday which begins again in December 2010, it can be concluded that Eve has the mentality of a young woman in her 20s, now in Aya's slow-aging body which is chronologically 38 yet biologically young.

In the secret ending, Eve, in Aya's body, walks by a woman who suspiciously looks like Aya who tells her, in Aya's voice, "Happy birthday. It's your fourth", assuming Eve is actually four years old (in Aya's body since Time Zero).


  • "Um... Aya? Are those stars?" (Eve's first words in Parasite Eve II)
  • "I'm... Aya... No... Who am I? I don't..."
  • "I'm a member of the FBI's secret operative team. I'm living in a world where there are no Twisted. But I can still feel them, sometimes. One day, the world I believed to be true suddenly came crashing down all around me. Pounding waves swept everything away, as though it were little more than a sandcastle built at the water's edge. The only thing left in its wake was a boundless realm of cruelty. Screams, cries, the howls of the raging wind - all were silenced, swallowed by the darkness. In that moment, I knew. Everything I'd believed in was a dream. This... this was the true reality. Those wretched times will revisit us one day. I just have a feeling."


  • The 3rd Birthday can be seen as being Eve's story, rather than Aya's, and her learning more about Aya and the people connected to her.
  • According to some unlockable files Aya can receive, Emily's nickname for Eve is "Rib". This is based off the Bible, in which God used a rib from Adam to create Eve, which Emily sees as sort of the same process of how Eve made her a "Higher One".


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