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Welcome to the Ocean Zone. This home is zone to the ANMCs we like to call "Fatties." It has been theorized that human evolution began at the water's edge. The subcutaneous layer of fat in humans is a relic from that time. What if humans had never left their watery environment? That question inspired the design of the Fatty ANMC. Though it restricts land movement, their thick fatty layer provides protection from cold and enemies. The Fatty's well-developed arms also help in food acquisition. The Fatty can dislocate its arms for improved reach to grab prey from the safety of the water. One powerful blow from this skilled hunter knocks prey out cold. Keep your eyes open, and you'll see some Fatties sunbathing ahead!
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Fatties are something that is more akin to a humanoid seal like creature. They are slow and fairly easy to kill creatures although their HP is extremely high, they are universally weak to Fire due to their aquatic nature.


Main article: Brute

This is the first Fatty type ANMC encountered and are fairly easy to kill. Pyrokinesis is very useful against them as it can cut down on their relatively high HP. Their attacks aren't too powerful as their melee attacks rarely hit if Aya keep her distance and they have a spit attack akin to the Bacterium enemy from Parasite Eve and it poisons Aya. At the point in which they are encountered, they give high Experience and BP.


Main article: Mossback

Encountered in the Shelter, Mossbacks have high HP as it takes 2 Pyrokinesis 3 shots to kill them. They have fairly easy to defeat as the high rewards allow Aya to keep her MP topped off so don't be afraid to use the more powerful spells to kill them.


Main article: Slouch

These failed version of Fatties crawl around the area and will swipe at Aya with their deformed arms. Of the failed versions of ANMCs, the Slouches are the most dangerous because their attacks can cause Aya to recoil, allowing them to get in more hits against her.

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