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Parasite Eve II

Flint is Gary Douglas's dog.

Flint first appears while Aya Brea is staying in Dryfield and will help Aya in many ways throughout the game. Flint demonstrates obedience, intelligence, bravery and loyalty as he aids Aya during her time in Dryfield and later in the Shelter if he survives an an important boss battle.

Parasite Eve II

Aya first meets Flint in the Junk yard as though he was waiting for her to arrive. Upon meeting, he immediately notifies Mr. Douglas of her arrival. After some time in the Trailer coach talking about the Shelter, Flint escorts Aya to the well at the Driveway. Flint is not seen again until nighttime where he stays alongside Mr. Douglas while he in the Trailer coach and later working on fixing up his truck in the Garage. After obtaining some Gasoline for Mr. Douglas, Flint stands guard in Main Street while Aya retires to her room for some rest and relaxation.

Flint spots the incoming Burner NMC and starts barking at it, but Aya does not hear him barking. Aya becomes aware of the creature herself when she feels the hotel shake. Flint and Mr. Douglas are forced to seek refuge while Aya engages the behemoth on the Motel balcony. Depending on the outcome of this battle, Flint will either be killed if it manages to escape (Not enough damage is done to it within the game's 3-minute time limit), or will survive as Aya manages to slaughter the giant creature. Either way, Aya has to meet up with Mr. Douglas to check on the their fates.

Should Flint survive, the following changes happen to the game's progression:

  • Flint remains alive for the rest of the game.
  • If Aya returns to Dryfield (at the first chance possible), Aya will overhear Flint barking. Aya will climb up the rope to greet Flint, only to find he is really worried about something. Flint escorts her to the Water Tower where Pierce Carradine can be found.
  • Flint will later appear at the Shelter Heliport near the end of the game at the military compound with a canister attached to his collar along with a letter from Mr. Douglas.
  • To complete the Soldier Rescue Bonus, Aya must show Flint the Teddy Bear so he will follow her back into the Shelter. Along the way, Aya and Flint will locate a wounded and blinded soldier. Flint will stay with the soldier and escort him safely to the surface. Flint is last heard of being evacuated with the soldiers, safe and sound.

Changes to the Game

Flint's survival or death changes a couple cutscenes, but also affects what items are available as the game progresses:

Flint Dies

  • Burner Item Drops:
    • Normal / Replay / Scavenger: Recovery2, MP Boost1
    • Bounty / Nightmare: ---
  • Cutscene: Mr, Douglas is standing over the body of Flint. He mentions that Flint was a good dog and gave his life to save them both. He hands Aya the Truck key. If the player talks to him again, he will direct Aya to where the Chicken Plate can be found, allowing Aya to score a free armor for her efforts.
  • Item: Chicken Plate

Flint Survives

  • Burner Item Drops:
    • Normal / Replay / Scavenger: Protein Capsule, Airburst x4, Pyke(Wheel attached)
    • Bounty / Nightmare: Ringer's Solution, Airburst x4
  • Cutscene: Mr. Douglas happily reports they are fine and tosses Aya the Truck key while he rests up after the battle. If the player talks to him again, he will ask Aya to swing by his trailer to pick up something.
  • Cutscene: Upon entering the trailer, Mr. Douglas enthusiastically talks about the gift he intended to give Aya, then allows her to open up the large metal box and take the M950 weapon inside.
  • Item: M950
  • Item: MP Boost2, taken off Flint after he arrives at the Shelter. If the player skips the cutscene, they can check Flint before showing him the Teddy Bear to obtain it.
  • Access to: Soldier Rescue Bonus
  • Access to: Additional items for sale at the Military Truck
    • Kyle's Scenario:
      • Normal / Replay / Bounty: Javelin
      • Scavenger / Nightmare: MP5A5, Battery/Fuel Refills.
    • Pierce's Scenario:
      • Normal / Replay / Bounty: MM1, M249
      • Scavenger / Nightmare: MP5A5, Battery/Fuel Refills.


Contrary to popular belief and certain strategy guides, Flint's fate does not affect the game's ending. Pierce's fate controls how the game ends and he can be rescued just as easily without Flint's assistance.


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