13 Small (80), Medium (150), Large (175), Largest (200) 80 (each) 80/4
Cyanide Acid Tranq. Heat Freeze
Strong Strong Strong Average Strong
Confuse Steal Scan Slow Escape
Strong Weak Strong Average No
Item Defense+1, Offense+1, Ammo+15
Steal Ammo+15, Tool
Attacks Uses a ball projectile from its mouth which fires five widespread spikes and three fast forward facing spikes, fourth phase large area sweeping attack
Location Central Park

Giantworms are bosses in Parasite Eve in Central Park.

There's four worms to tangle with, and at the beginning, they're all relatively small. They'll fire a sphere which explodes into a shower of spikes directed at you once it hits the ground. Every time you kill one of the worms, the rest of them grow, gaining more HP and a more powerful spray of spikes. The last worm puts up the toughest fight. It will gain a new attack, where it sweeps across the battle field with its body, and that sweep is very difficult to dodge (if it's even possible at all). Just keep blasting and keep some Medicine on-hand.

Aya versus the Giantworms.

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