Gray Stalker
450 500 200 15
Name Status Damage
Ceiling Smash
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
Inflicts Confusion Combat Light
Item Drops
Normal/ Replay/ Scavenger
Protein Capsule, R. Slug x10 Firefly x10
Bounty/ Nightmare
R. Slug x10
2nd Time(Bounty/Nightmare)
R. Slug x10, Firefly x10
Location Dryfield, Underpass

The Gray Stalker is a hard enemy and the first type of Stalker Aya meets. The Combat Lights are useful because it causes it to not only drop from the ceiling but also become visible, allowing Aya to attack it easier. The Grenade Pistol is very useful against it because it will deal 200+ damage without Energyshot and can stun it partially, allowing Aya to get in more shots. It can inflict CONFUSION should it throw Aya at the ceiling, so Metabolism is useful.

It is possible to inflict PARALYSIS on the stalker for 15 second with Pepper Spray (less with PE spells), but it requires that the stalker is on the ground before that can happen.

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