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Knight GOLEM
Knight golem.png
600 300 1000 6
Name Status Damage
Running Slash
10 x??
Notes: See Main page regarding Grab damage.
Strength Weakness
None Electricity
Item Drops
Location Shelter (after finding Eve)

The Knight GOLEM is a very dangerous ANMC and one of the most dangerous GOLEMs that Aya will fight. It is quite a different beast than the others that have fought up until this point, using invisibility and holograms to impede Aya's ability to take one out. Their most dangerous attack is to grab Aya from behind:

  • If she manages to break free they inject her with a toxin which inflicts PARALYSIS. The GOLEM immediately turns invisible before Aya can counter-attack.
  • If she fails to break free, they brutally snap her neck. How long Aya has before this happens depends on how long it takes to reduce Aya's HP by 50% of max.
  • If Aya manages to break free immediately after being grabbed, a backlash will stun the GOLEM for a few seconds, giving Aya a chance to inflict some free damage (If the player excels at breaking free from this grip, this has the potential to be the easiest way of dealing with this GOLEM-type).

The easiest way of fighting them is to stay with your back near a wall, in order to prevent a grab. Frequently they will create a hologram identical to the real Knight, but the hologram stand still and doesn't attack: do NOT run through this as the real one will appear to attack Aya. The real one appears because it has a faint shadow and a buzzing sound can be heard. It will quickly cloak but the attacks should do enough damage to prevent it from attacking.

When it is going to charge Aya, a laser sight becomes visible. By avoiding this, Aya can also get some damage in before it disappears again.


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