Knight GOLEM
Knight golem
600 300 1000 6
Name Status Damage
Running Slash
Pe2 icon status poison
Pe2 icon status poison
Pe2 icon status paralysis
10 x??
Notes: See Main page regarding Grab damage.
Strength Weakness
None Electricity
Item Drops
Location Shelter (after finding Eve)

The Knight GOLEM is a very dangerous ANMC and one of the most dangerous GOLEMs that Aya will fight. It is quite a different beast than the others that have fought up until this point. Their first attack is to grab Aya from behind:

  • If she manages to break free they inject her with a toxin which inflicts POISON. The GOLEM immediately turns invisible before Aya can counter-attack.
  • If she fails to break free, they brutally snap her neck. How long Aya has before this happens depends on how it takes to reduce Aya's HP by 50% of max.
  • If Aya manages to break free immediately after being grabbed, a backlash will stun the GOLEM for a few seconds, giving Aya a chance to inflict some free damage.

The easiest way of fighting them is to stay with your back near a wall, in order to prevent a backstab. Frequently they will create a hologram identical to the real Knight, but the hologram stand still and doesn't attack: do NOT run through this as the real one will appear to attack Aya. The real one appears because it has a faint shadow and a buzzing sound can be heard. It will quickly cloak but the attacks should do enough damage to prevent it from attacking.

When it is going to charge Aya, a laser sight becomes visible. By avoiding this, Aya can also get some damage in there.


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