Aya in the headquarters

M.I.S.T. Headquarters is a location in Los Angeles, California. Parasite Eve II begins here. It is the base of the Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team.

It has a shooting gallery, which Pierce Carradine controls it and helps Aya Brea while she's training. There's a Firearms Control room where Aya can talk to Jodie Bouquet and use BP. There's also a parking lot with a save point.

Shooting gallery

There a five levels and each have an increase in degree in difficulty. If Aya has shot enough targets before the time runs out, she will gain both an extra amount of BP and a special item from Jodie when she talks to her. The item given is different for each level; As follows:

Level one: A pack of fifty 9mm Hydra bullets.

Level two: A Ringer's Solution healing item.

Level three: A pair of Hunter Goggles.

Level four: A red Lipstick.

Level five: A Shoulder Holster armor.

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