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  • Thanks for the PE1 updates, like the Items. Been wanting to do that for a long time. I added it to top navigation. I also really appreciate the PE1 weapons overhaul you did. :)

    For the PE1 weapons article, I notice it says "bullers" instead of "bullets". It also says "Some armor comes with special abilities. A player can use tools to move these abilities between different armors." Don't we mean "weapons", not "armor"?

    I was also wondering if you could help make a "best weapon for first time playthroughs" section like I did on the armor page. A lot of people coming into PE1 and the whole series will be newbs, and giving inexperienced players a guide to getting strong weapons is very important.

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    • Wiki theme updates usually take time to "finalize", so it should be finalized in a week.

      Feel free to add the special effects to the wiki. If you really need to, you can make an article called "Parasite Eve Gameplay" and write info down there.

      Since you seem talented at data mining, do you know if Maeda's "good luck charms" actually do anything like increase item discovery, or are they useless?

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    • Thanks. I saw them show up on the main page, earlier today, so the 'finalize' appears to have happened. :)

      Got a start on the Gameplay page. Will add more when I feel I have more stuff finalized, though I could put information on item slots and other stuff.

      I took a crack at going through the memory to see if I could find something that shows if the good luck charms mod anything. I see they do mod some values, but I yet to find if those mods actually 'do' anything, plus most of them also appear to be affected by other random things, so they are likely unrelated. I did stumble upon one curious thing. Since I modded my weapons so I could get through the testing more easily, I ran across a scene where Wayne offered to customize the name of a weapon and armor well ahead of when he would usually do it on Day 6, in the NYPD weapons room. This can happen as early as the beginning of Day 4 and it seems to be based on the stats. of your gun and armor. I do not know what the stats. 'threshold' would be. Something like this requires more investigating.

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