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Mind Suckler
50 12 36 2
Name Status Damage
Sting - 8
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
None Grounded
Item Drops
Location Dryfield, Abandoned Mine

The Mind Suckler is the adult version of the Suckler ANMC and can be a pain to deal with when attacking Aya in small groups. They are typically found resting on buildings and will react to Aya's attacks on contemporaries to attack her. A Mind Suckler's attack is dangerous if Aya does not have enough room to move around.


While in the air, Mind Sucklers are nimble and dangerous, but once they are grounded, they are utterly defenseless and will try to escape Aya (at a snail's pace). The are several ways to knock Mind Sucklers to the ground:

  • Reducing it's HP 30 or less will ground one. A single burst of the M93R at close-range should be enough to achieve that.
  • Buckshot is effective in bringing down a group of them with a single shot.
  • Combat Light, Flare, Pepper Spray and Plasma also work without having to commit to damaging them one at a time.

Once grounded, Mind Sucklers are completely defenseless and can be killed with little effort.


  • The stage where a Mind Suckler is grounded is their version of PARALYSIS. Unlike most NMCs where they are unable to do anything and have a counter before they get back up, they can still slowly move around and is permanent. A separate counter is started in it's place and after it reaches 1800 frames (60 seconds), the sucklers dies, regardless of it's current HP. This makes spells like Necrosis and high-damaging spells like Combustion rather excessive since once they are disabled, they are dead, either way.
  • After a while of chasing Aya, the suckler may return to a wall (if one is nearby) to rest for a bit, something similar to how their less mature cousins, the Bone Sucklers and Blood Sucklers would stop to nap after chasing Aya around for a bit.
  • In a few rooms (Notably the Water tank, Motel balcony and Gorge), disabling a Mind Suckler over an area where there is no path, but a bottomless pit, will cause it to fall to it's death.

Aya using Necrosis.

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