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Mitochondria Eve
One of the Eve incarnations in Parasite Eve
Millions/billions of years
Hair color
Brown (as Melissa)
Eye color
Green (as Melissa)
Homicidal parasite
Powerhouse of the cell
Being a kidney
Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve II
Riona Hazuki (Kiyomi, film)
Tomoko Nakajima (Sachiko, film)
Judith Siirila (singing, PE1)
You HAVE the ability to EVOLVE! Why take the side of a DOOMED species?!
—Eve trying to convince Aya Brea to give up on humanity

Mitochondria Eve, also simply called Eve, is the main villainess and antagonist in both the Parasite Eve novel/film and game.

In actuality, there are multiple Eve incarnations. All Eves are women who have been taken over by the consciousness of the mitochondria in their cells. In the novel, they are portrayed as connected organisms present in the cell, contrary to normal mitochondria, which are individuals.

All the Eve incarnations have many powers, but they all possess a single, common power: the ability to telepathically cause living organisms to combust, melt into slime, or transform into Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures (NMCs).

The goal of the Eves are to kill, eradicate and slaughter humanity - every human on the planet - in favor of producing "superior" organisms that have the ability to control and manipulate their own DNA. They consider humanity to be useless and unnecessary parasite to the planet. As such, the Eves have arrogant, cold, merciless and ruthless personalities.

Mitochondria Eve take their name from the theorized Mitochondrial Eve, a historic woman (or women) in Africa that modern humans derive their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from. Hideaki Sena notes, "The monster in my book is not identical to the genetic meaning of "Mitochondrial Eve". SHE is a monster made from hepatocytes (liver cells) of a modern human. So there is a little trick of description in my book. SHE is just borrowing an image of "Mitochondrial Eve"."[1]

The first Eve

Main article: Kiyomi Nagashima

Kiyomi Nagashima, Eve's first host.

In the novel, Eve is revealed to have developed over the years in a Japanese woman named Kiyomi Nagashima. On her birthdays, she has a recurring dream that is reminiscent of projected conditions on earth from millions of years ago, before the symbiosis between mitochondria and cells proposed by the endosymbiotic theory. On her final birthday, she suddenly finds herself asleep at the wheel, dreaming; she awakens just as she crashes into a telephone pole. This car crash was planned by Eve, who had previously influenced Kiyomi into getting an organ donor card. One of her kidneys was transplanted into a teenage girl by the name of Mariko Anzai. The Eve mitochondria in this kidney gradually alter Mariko's body, so that she will be capable of giving birth to a mitochondrial creature with a perfect form, as Eve's body is rapidly drained by the overflow of energy produced by her advanced mitochondria.

Toshiaki shocked by the return of his deceased wife Kiyomi.

Simultaneously, Kiyomi's distraught husband had managed to get a liver sample of his now-deceased wife, and had been keeping it alive in his lab. As it develops, it becomes distinctly humanoid, and at one point has grown enough to even simulate sex with Toshiaki Nagashima, though this proves to be a ruse, as Eve only did it to obtain a semen sample.

This Eve, contrary to her later appearances, does not appear mutated. Besides the ability to cause humans to spontaneously combust, she is able to create illusions by tricking the optic nerves, her film version has the ability to levitate slightly. She is able to control the bodies, if not the minds, of people; those that come into contact with the cells present in Toshiaki's lab (one of his assistants has this fate), or those with enhanced mitochondria (such as Mariko, who becomes enhanced because of her new kidney).

The cells in Toshiaki's lab are shown to have the ability to divide rapidly, almost to the rate of cancer cells yet surprisingly the liver cells can even specialize and differentiate into cells of different tissues despite being adult animal cells and grow an entire body. The cells choose a permanent human form, this being Kiyomi Nagashima, but now with the mind of Eve. The cells couldn't stay stable for long before they are destroyed by necrosis.

Eve possessing Sachiko Asakura.

Eve possesses Toshiaki's assistant Sachiko Asakura and intermittently takes control of Asakura to work upon the cultures. Eventually, she takes control of Asakura during a conference presentation speech and announces her presence. Leaving Asakura's body, she returns to the lab. Toshiaki pursues her, and she attacks him in the form of Kiyomi to capture some of his sperm, which she uses to fertilise an egg of her own production. Moving to the hospital, she implants this zygote in Mariko's womb. The embryo develops into an offspring that is born almost immediately.

Eve anticipates that her child will be able to consciously change its genetic code, thus being an infinitely adaptable "perfect lifeform" capable of replacing humanity and similar eukaryotes. Mariko's body will be host to a new race of these lifeforms. The experiment fails, since Toshiaki's sperm carry a separate line of "male" mitochondria (inherited through sperm) that will be wiped out in the new order; these resist the change by fighting for control of the child's body, causing it to switch between male and female forms. The child dies; Toshiaki also dies, merging his body with the child's to control the bursts of psychokinetic-like power it gives out in its death throes that threaten to kill many people.

In the novel's epilogue, it is revealed that some samples of the Eve cells in Toshiaki's lab survived. Fortunately, they are destroyed by Asakura shortly after being found.

Differences between the novel and film

Eve telepathically immolating a nurse.

  • In the novel, Eve is able to stop the hearts of humans and is also able to make them combust, but in the film, Eve is only able to make humans combust.
  • In the novel, Eve must prepare a host for her to possess and would have to continuously put new cells into them in order to stabilize them. In the film though, Eve could just possess people straight away.
  • In the novel, Eve rapes Mariko by constructing right genitalia so that she could insert Toshiaki's sperm inside Mariko. In the film she does not do this.
  • In the novel, the Ultimate Being is born from Mariko. In the film, the Ultimate Being is never born.
  • Eve is shown to have emotions in the novel, often cracking a twisted smile and even laughed when she died and would often insult and humiliate characters who try to stop her. She even gets annoyed by humans as well. In the film though she is emotionless.

Toshiaki burns to death while kissing Eve.

  • Eve's death is different in the film than the novel. In the novel, Kiyomi's body begins to suffer necrosis and half of Kiyomi's cells die. Eve then melts into orange gloop. In the film, however, Kiyomi's consciousness returns; in their final moments, she and Toshiaki kiss and engage in a lover's suicide by combustion.
  • The novel had been adapted into a manga, which the author considers a more faithful adaptation than the film, however, it is in Japanese and Italian only.

The second Eve

Maya Brea, Aya's deceased sister.

Main article: Melissa Pearce

In Parasite Eve, which serves as a detached sequel to the novel, Eve is created in a similar fashion. Her mitochondria developed in the body of Maya Brea, sister of the protagonist, Aya Brea.

Maya and her mother Mariko both died in a car accident; one of Maya's kidneys was donated to Melissa Pearce, and one of her corneas to her sister, Aya. The second Eve was, in essence, two humans: Maya Brea and Melissa Pearce. Maya's mitochondria spent around two decades in a dormant state within Melissa Pearce.

During the time after Melissa's transplant, she fell constantly ill and was advised to take immunosuppressant drugs. This was done in order to prevent her immune system from rejecting the new organ.

Melissa believed this was the reason behind her chronic illness. Unknown to Melissa, it was Maya's mitochondria that caused her illness and the immunosuppressant drugs Melissa took allowed Maya's mitochondria to gain a greater control over her. This condition persisted and worsened over time.

Melissa Pearce, a New York actress.

Years later, Melissa is an opera singer living in New York City. Melissa gets the lead role for a production though after the lead died in an apartment fire; it is hinted that Eve was responsible for causing the fire.

It is also learned that Melissa was seen going into the American Museum of Natural History at night, presumably to meet with Dr. Hans Klamp, and with Eve as the dominant persona. Although the game does not mention it, it is also possible that the two had a relationship and Eve may have seduced Klamp.

Eve and Klamp collaborated and planned to eradicate humanity in order to begin a new world with a higher species of ultimate beings. Eve told Klamp her sister in Japan was unable to attain her ultimate goal because the father's side of the mitochondria caused a rebellion. In order for Eve to succeed this time in becoming pregnant with the Ultimate Being, Klamp created special artificial sperm without the male mitochondria DNA.

Parasite Eve


Parasite Eve- Influence of Eve

Mitochondria Eve returns.

See also: Eve (boss)

On December 24, 1997, in order to star in an opera performance, Melissa overdosed on immunosuppressants. This drug overdose collapsed Melissa's immune system, allowing Maya's mitochondria to finally take full control of Melissa. Eve "awakens" during Melissa's solo at Carnegie Hall, causing people on stage and in the audience to suddenly burst into flames. Melissa is unharmed, along with Aya Brea.


Parasite Eve - Cutscene 4 - Eve's Mutation

Melissa mutates into Eve.

Aya encounters Melissa again in one of the rooms downstairs. At this point, Melissa "dies" and Eve becomes the dominant persona permanently. Her legs are replaced with a black tail-like appendage, her fingers and nails lengthen to form claws, her hair reshapes and recolors itself, and Eve levitates again; she displays her new strength by smashing the piano she was playing. Declaring that today is the day for the mitochondria to be freed, Eve attacks Aya with green laser beams until she retreats.

When Aya escapes, the next day, the police attempt to suppress Eve's existence from the public, due to the lack of clear details and eyewitnesses. However, in the following press conference, Aya reveals the truth. Some reporters wonder if Eve is an alien.


Parasite Eve - Cutscene 7 - A Captive Audience

Eve transforms an audience into slime.

In the game, Eve seems to have the same abilities and goal as the previous one. She can cause people to spontaneously combust, grow appendages, as well as this it is hinted that she is able to influence others, which is shown by the eyes changing color to red. In addition to the previously mentioned powers, she is also capable of mutating less complicated organisms (non-humans) into vicious beasts and shooting lasers from her hands. She is also capable of causing an entire audience of people to not only be under her control, but to be transformed into a giant blob of orange slime which she does on the second day. Eve is able to use the audience to reanimate dinosaur skeletons in the museum, and in the final stages of the game, transform the audience into a giant humanoid.


Parasite Eve - Cutscene 10 - Evacuating the City

The entire city of New York being evacuated December 25, 1997.

On the second day, Eve transforms an audience into slime at Delacorte Theater at Central Park, including Lorraine Dollis, the mother of Ben Dollis and ex-wife of Daniel Dollis. New York City officials deem Eve's presence too dangerous and evacuate the entire city.

On the third day, Eve attacks N.Y.P.D.'s 17th precinct.

On the fourth day, Eve visits St. Francis Hospital to obtain the special semen sample Klamp made. While exploring the basement, Eve cuts the elevator power and Aya must find fuses to restore power. Eve then encounters Aya on the roof. According to Eve, Eve's "sister" attempted to rebel against humanity in Japan, but this "sister" made a mistake. Before leaving, Eve telepathically kills fighter jets and forces them to crash into the hospital roof, almost killing Aya.


Parasite Eve - Cutscene 22 - Eve's Concealment

Eve pregnant in the museum.

On the fifth day, Aya witnesses the orange mass of people from the park enter the city water supply. She visits Dr. Klamp again, and discovers that Dr. Klamp has engineered special sperm for Eve so that she can create the Ultimate Being. This special sperm had the father's mDNA removed, which is what caused the death of the Ultimate Being in Japan. Klamp then spontaneously combusts and dies. Aya finds Eve in another part of the museum, where the orange mass has surrounded her, forming an impermeable shield to protect her and the Ultimate Being while the Ultimate Being gestates in her.


Parasite Eve PS1 Boss 12

Eve by the fallen Statue of Liberty.

After several failed attempts to attack Eve, the military asks Aya to attack her from a chopper, as she is the only one who can get close without combusting. The plan works, but Aya has to personally finish the fight on Liberty Island beside a now-wrecked Statue of Liberty. Eve has dropped the maternal appearance in favor of a violent and organic one; she produces a dress of red flesh and she forms what looks like a giant gun or cannon to replace her previous black tail.


Parasite Eve - Cutscene 36 - Eve Falls

Eve finally dies.

This Eve eventually succumbs, however, she mutates further, now into a slick, nearly angelic creature with blue arms, wings, and a sort of frame around her legs. Aya defeats this Eve too. After this final form is defeated, she dies, and is reduced into the orange goop she is capable of controlling.

Despite that Aya killed Eve, Eve still succeeds where her "sister" in Japan failed; she gives birth to the Ultimate Being. Unfortunately for Eve, Aya manages to kill the Ultimate Being by exploding a naval cruiser.

After the events of the game transpire, Kunihiko Maeda wonders if Eve's rebellion is a message to all mankind. He compares humanity to cancerous parasites out of control that are upsetting the natural balance of the planet.

EX-Game Chrysler Building


Parasite Eve Chrysler Building (Floor 77 Boss Truebred Eve)

Aya fighting Truebred Eve.

On the 77th floor of the Chrysler Building, Truebred Eve explains to Aya that Klamp cultivated the cells of the original Eve to analyze. When Melissa was giving birth to the Ultimate Being, she created a nest there. In case Melissa and the Ultimate Being failed, the purebred would remain. Aya speaks with her sister, and they engage in battle against the purebred.

After the purebred is defeated, the mitochondria inside Aya begin to rebel against her. The explanation is that Aya's mitochondria have now reached a higher evolutionary stage than Maya’s, but Maya's personality has suddenly become dominant and begun to fight off the Eve persona. Maya eventually wins, purging the Eve persona from herself. Somehow, Maya protects Aya by preventing the original Eve from taking her over. Aya leaves the building by herself, although she apparently has gained some sort of connection with her dead sister.

Aya loses her mitochondrial powers but comes to terms with her sister's death. Aya claims her body is back to normal before Eve came along. However, this directly contradicts Parasite Eve II and The 3rd Birthday which shows that Aya still possesses them, meaning that this scenario may be non-canon.

Parasite Eve II

A container with "Eve's sister".

Although there is an Eve Brea and a final boss called Eve, they don't seem to be related to Mitochondria Eve except in name only, but this is uncertain.

However, on the off-chance they are, and if the EX-Game is indeed non-canon, then it can be theorized that the shadow government which worked at the shelter and Neo Ark found the original Eve at the Chrysler Building at some point in time and collaborated with "Eve".

After rescuing Eve Brea, Aya can also find something in a container labeled "Eve". Aya calls it Eve's "sister".


  • "Hmph... You're the only one who seems to be fine... You should be awakening soon... Listen... Your cells are trying to communicate... They're... calling out..."
  • "Our bodies are communicating with each other... The more you use that power, the more you will become like... me..."
  • "I'm surprised you don't know me, Aya... You should know me well..."
  • "I'm... Melissa... I'm... NO...! I'm... I... I am... I... am... Eve...! Aaah...! I'm... I'm... getting HOT!"
  • "Nucleic domination has finally come to an end once and for all. Once again... the day for the mitochondria to be free has finally arrived!!"
  • "Looks like you still need some time, girl... until your mitochondria is completely FREE..."
  • "Hahaha... Aya's ready to take me on just by herself. Well, even if you did have more people with you, they'd just BURN, right?! Everyone else... but YOU... YOU are..."
  • "Even if you don't understand... don't worry, your mitochondria will. They've always known... I'm going to give you some time... some time to think and some time to evolve... And the day shall arrive when YOU will... AWAKEN..."
  • "...I will no longer be under the control of a host, as I have since the dawn of time."
  • "Humans are weak. Mitochondria can self evolve. Mitochondria must now take over the nucleus."
  • "Your genes are stronger than I thought. Come my dear, let's go for a ride. Hahaha!"
  • "Why? Why be on the human's side? Why are you going with them and not ME?!"
  • "It seems you still don't know who I am. Well, if you don't know, your mitochondria will... That's why you were drawn to the opera."
  • "If we join forces, all the other mitochondria in the world will..."
  • "Night, night... Don't let the bed bugs bite."
  • "You're a bright one! The first rebellion took place some years ago on a far off eastern island. There, my sister committed a fatal error... I'm higher in the evolution chain than my sister. I will never commit the same mistake..."
  • "You feeble organisms depend on machines to do all the work...!"
  • "You've just witnessed the limitations of humans..."
  • "It's a shame we couldn't understand each other."
  • "It's a wonder you made it this far... Hmph... So are you going to congratulate me on this birth...?"
  • "Hmmm... Perhaps YOU can help me answer that, Aya. WHY DO humans give birth...? Hmmmm...?"
  • "You HAVE the ability to EVOLVE! Why take the side of a DOOMED species?!"
  • "Hahaha... LOVE that sense of humor of yours, girl... Why is it that humans kill? Humans kill other creatures and they even kill their own kind..."
  • "Hahaha... All organisms have something called a "territory". This territory is guarded from natural enemies. But until now, humans had no such "natural enemy". THAT is what has allowed them to prosper to this point. You beings must think of your prosperity as "history"... But you're WRONG! We mitochondria have lived within the human being... and have ALLOWED you to prosper... Hahaha... WE mitochondria have MADE you create the perfect environment for us. Humans have come to rely on civilization and have lost touch with innate physical abilities. Can't you see that it's the perfect scenario? Hmph... you humans just served as transportation vehicles for us. Vehicles to transport us to the time the mitochondria would become free again... Hahaha... But you see, the "vehicle" is no longer needed anymore... From now on, the mitochondria will become human beings and will RULE this earth!"
  • "Hahaha... I'll give you points for trying... But enough of this nonsense! Watch... and learn what EVOLUTION REALLY means...!"
  • 'I... I don't understand. N, NO!! YOU can't be OUR... natural enemy?! NO!!!" (final words)

Truebred Eve

  • "The mitochondria of Melissa was transplanted from this young body. Hans Klamp gave my cornea to you, and after giving the kidney to Melissa... he continued to culture my liver cells in order to study the original... me... As Melissa's body was giving birth to the Ultimate Being, I made my nest here... Just in case Melissa or the Ultimate Being failed... at least the purebred would survive. This body belongs to your sister... it's been cultured from the real thing."
  • "Haha... Wanna chat with your sister?"
  • "Hmph... Sorry to break up the reunion. Did you have a nice time reminiscing?"
  • "Hmph... You challenge me? A purebred? Just remember... The body belongs to your sister..."
  • "Until a while ago, Maya's body had the most evolutionary form of mitochondria. But now... Your mitochondria has surpassed Maya's... I am now the highest form of mitochondria ever present!"
  • "That's what evolution is all about. Survival of the fittest, eh...? Humans are the same. All knowledge and technology... You see, it's all about competition. In war, you use that knowledge and technology to determine who will survive. It's the same in the animal kingdom where they tear their prey apart..."
  • "Impossible... we have survived war. The time has come for us to be released."
  • "What?! Are there others, too?! Other than you and I?! ...NO!!! Urgh! N, NO!!!"


Eve's hand melting.

  • In the film, it is shown Eve can't keep her form for too long, as she melts away beside Toshiaki.
  • In the manga, both Eve and the Ultimate Being are depicted with nipples, unlike the video game; It's been determined that the reason for not implementing them is due to the rating system being mature with the gore and nude Eve already being enough, the team scrapped it. However, there is concept art for the video game in which Eve has nipples, especially her pregnant form which contains multiple pairs of nipples.[2][3]
  • It is possible that there was another Eve incarnation in Mariko Brea in the video game continuity. Mariko died in a car accident, the same way Kiyomi did, and Mariko inherited Kiyomi's kidney. As Mariko was once a host for the sentient neo-mitochondria, this car accident could have been intended by this possible Eve incarnation. However, Mariko's body was presumably too damaged in the car accident, so her organs could not be donated, meaning that if there was an Eve incarnation in Mariko, it probably died.
  • In Parasite Eve II, it is mentioned that Eve killed around 1287 people in New York, although an unknown percent of these 1287 may be missing and it's likely an amount of them were killed by the NMCs mutated by Eve, not Eve directly. This information can be found in a Scientific Journal in the Akropolis Tower cafe where the woman transforms into a monster, and if the player examines the journal in the key items menu.



Parasite Eve


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