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The Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team, known as MIST, is a branch of the FBI in Parasite Eve II.


Since the New York Blockade Incident, there have been more reports of Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures that have surfaced. In response, organizations sprang up everywhere. Eventually, they were all unified as a formal division of the FBI. The government has yet to announce the existence of NMCs, so MIST Hunters are officially just FBI agents - it's also easier to explain that way.

MIST began as a team of agents gathered from within the FBI. Its main function is to find and suppress these sporadic incidents throughout the United States, and to hunt down any remaining creatures to prevent them from multiplying.

The L.A. branch team operates within an office building where Eric Baldwin and various members of the team can call each other on the field. There is a shooting gallery in a training area that is next to the weapon depot run by Jodie Bouquet. The parking lot is next to the weapon depot and has a pay phone.

Parasite Eve II

During the events of the game, it is discovered that MIST has double agents in it working for a darker organization -- the same organization behind Neo Ark. Eric Baldwin is one of these moles.

In the ending, Rupert Broderick becomes the leader of MIST due to the exposure of Eric Baldwin as an agent of the Shadow Government. He works with Jodie on a secret project: the full public disclosure of MIST and the NMCs.

L.A. branch members

The L.A. branch as 12 known members, 7 of which are NMC Hunters, 2 are scientists, 1 an information manager and 1 firearm expert.

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