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Statistics (Easy)
7200 850 500
Statistics (Normal)
9000 850 500
Statistics (Hard)
16200 1280 1000
Statistics (Deadly)
28350 1440 1500
Statistics (Insane)
72900 1710 2000
Resistant to Recoil B
Resistant to Stagger N/A
Episode(s) 5
Descent Kill Yes

Mudflaps, also known as Putrid Puppetmasters, are a Twisted from The 3rd Birthday. Mudflaps appear to look like mutated slugs. One of their attacks is to mutate one of Aya's soldiers into Slackers. The only way to stop this is to destroy the black orbs that can be seen. This ability may mean Mudflaps could become the new Queen if the actual Queen dies, as said in the Twisted files in the computer. Mudflaps may also need to be fought twice as once the player kills the physical form, a spiritual lifeform of the Mudflap appears (ghost form), they reappear in front of soldiers or Aya.

Aya fighting a Mudflap inside the Grand Babel.

In most battlefields, if one of these shows up, kill it first or else the player could have to fight it as well as the remaining Twisted and the Slackers that would get mutated from Mudflaps. The only way to stop the Mudflaps from reviving is to use Overdive Kill to deliver the last blow. If Aya fails to kill it without an ODK the first time around, the Mudflap's "soul" will rise to possess the closest soldier available. If you keep all the soldiers away from it, it will disappear after a short amount of time.

Aya can always damage ½ of one bar of its health, meaning that Overdive Kills are the perfect way to exterminate this abomination.

Report entry

"Putrid Puppetmaster"

Uses psychokinesis to pick up enemies hiding behind obstacles and bring them in for the kill. Its powers can likewise affect the surrounding air currents, whipping up tornadoes to further control the intruder.

The descent attacks it uses at close range turn its opponent into a Twisted. The Mudflap is the only Twisted apart from the Queen that is capable of such a feat; think of it as a kind of would-be Queen with the potential to take her place.

Once you turn into a Twisted, you will never again be human. Under no circumstances should you lose your precious Overdive targets and find yourself painted into a corner.

The Mudflap fills its surroundings with poison fog, creating an absolute territory where offense, defense, and recovery of one's life force come together. After dying, it will go out in search of a new physical vessel, its disembodied form creeping up on unsuspecting foes before possessing them. Use Overdive Kills to ward off this particularly nasty move.

Sniper rifles sweet spot:

Bottom of a certain extremity, i.e., the "shin" of one particular tentacle.

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