The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is the police department for New York City in Parasite Eve and The 3rd Birthday.


The New York City Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency within the city of New York. The NYPD does not play a major role within Parasite Eve or The 3rd Birthday, though there are SWAT officers seen to be fighting against the Twisted in certain missions.

The 17th Precinct  is the only police station that is mentioned in the Parasite Eve series. Aya Brea was one of the officers in the first game that was involved in the Manhattan incident and left the force after the incident to become a NMC hunter based in Los Angeles.

The 3rd Birthday

In the events of The 3rd Birthday, the NYPD was unable to maintain control of the situation that happened in New York. As the Twisted's attacks spread into the city, the NYPD Emergency Services Unit (ESU) was deployed to fight against the threats. However, due to the increasingly numbers of Twisted, limited on ammunition, and no combat experience against monster looking types, they've became scattered, and isolated. After the NYPD presence went completely disappeared and lost control of the city, the U.S. Federal Government issued a State of Emergency by deploying the National Guard and the Army into the city to fight against the Twisted with every manpower they have. 



  • The SWAT officers that appeared in certain missions of The 3rd Birthday are the NYPD's "Emergency Services Unit", although they're considered as SWAT officers instead of ESU officer.
  • On the SWAT officer's vest, it says "NYSF" which it stands for "New York Security Forces". It is currently unknown why it was named like that, although it does say "POLICE" on the front view of the vest, it didn't seem like it reflects the actual NYPD.
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