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1600 500 800 30
Name Status Damage
Sword Leap
Sword Slash
Running Lunge
Gas Grenade
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
Fire, Grenades R. Slug, Electricity, Pepper Spray
Item Drops None
Location Akropolis Tower

No. 9 GOLEM appears twice as a boss in Parasite Eve II.

First encounter

Aya first encounters No. 9 as a fight at the end of Akropolis Tower. She is required to run around the entire Helicopter Landing Pad to spot the elevator is at the level above, then run back to be intercepted by the mysterious monster who has a connection with all the bombs planted. After a bit of casual banter, the battle begins.


No.9 focuses on melee attacks, swinging and lunging with his sword. He will also run up to Aya's position, then attack, if needed. So long as Aya is not too close when he swings, the player should be able to avoid most of his attacks.

If the player is far enough away, No.9 will launch a type of flashbang grenade. They are not difficult to dodge, but they will inflict PARALYSIS if they hit which can set the player up to take plenty of unnecessary damage. Metabolism can cancel the ailment, or taking a Stim at the start of battle would help prevent the grenades from doing anything useful.

The biggest problem with this battle is Aya getting cornered; his strike will instantly kill her so the player cannot prioritize defense over offense.[1]

Overall, his attacks are not too dangerous unless he corners Aya. Still, he is not too hard of a boss unless you are on Nightmare Mode.

While the player is required to do a considerable amount of damage to defeat him, there are a number of traps the player can shoot to unleash damage. Along three points on the map are electrical cables, each capable of doing 180 damage (across all modes) if player shoots them as No.9 arrives at that spot. Combine that with an exposed steam vent by the final cable trap (for 240 damage), the player should able to do almost 800 of the necessary damage with those. The one drawback is the final two traps are right by where Aya gets cornered, so the player should be doing as much damage as possible along the way.

The player's weapon selection will be fairly limited for this battle. M93R will do decent damage, but No.9 has a 50% Critical Rate reduction that will hamper the weapon's damaging potential, leaving the MP5A5 able to do more damage per second (at the expense of chewing through a lot more ammo). Equipping any 9mm Hydra and 9mm Spartan can be helpful. Grenades can do a considerable amount of damage (140 - 165 per shot on Normal), but No.9 takes 75% damage from those, leaving them less effective than normal.

PE spells, especially Pyrokinesis can push No.9 back a fair bit, buying the player some extra time. The tradeoff is PE spells do half damage.

Existing strategies for Nightmare Mode suggest having the player stock up on Pepper Sprays at Bouquet's Guns and Ammo before traveling to the tower. This way the player can paralyze and unload as much damage as possible, severely weakening No.9 before resorting to the usual strategy with this room.

On Replay Mode, a PA3 / AS12 with R. Slug ammunition can take him out with as little as 6 close-quarter shots since he shares the GOLEM weakness to R. Slug rounds.


  • There appears to be something built into the code so if the player manages to hit No.9 with the final cable and the steam vent at the same time, there is extra 100 bonus damage done, leading to a combined total of 520 damage for the final hit.
  • The cables and steam vent can also harm Aya. Cables will do 10 dmg. and the vent will do 15 (across all modes).
  • An off-centred Pyrokinesis attack can pass through No.9, rather than stop once it hits him. At level 1, a successful hit can cause over 105+ damage on Normal Mode, but the precision of this attack and Aya being carefully positioned in front of him means it is not likely to succeed.
  • Given how precise his attacks are, it is possible, though quite rare, that No.9's own attacks can hit the cable, causing him to electrocute himself for 180 damage. It also creates a bug where the screaming sound effect plays for the rest of the battle.

Parasite Eve 2 PS1 Boss 1

Aya fighting No.9 on the tower top.

1100 800 300 50
Name Status Damage
High Slash
10 x5
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
Weapons damage PE Magic
Item Drops
Normal/ Replay/ Scavenger
Bounty/ Nightmare
Location Dryfield

Second encounter

Aya encounters No. 9 after she opens a sealed room and witnesses him killing an ANMC. After some additional banter and casual chat about the destruction of the tower, the battle begins.


This battle is quite different from his first encounter; his gear has changed and is restricted to melee attacks, only. He has less HP, but only takes 50% damage from incoming weapons fire (with the exception of R.Slug). When he has not just attacked, he will guard against all spells, combat items and grenades with the Gunblade, causing the attacks to deal minimal damage. While his movement is slow, he can turn at a good speed and his melee attacks can cover a lot of ground, forcing the player to actively be on the move and hopefully not in his line of sight as he attacks. Should Aya get too close and be standing in front of him, No.9 will reach out and start choking her.

The key to maximum effectiveness is to get behind him or wait for him to strike, then attack. All PE spells do 200% damage (assuming he does not guard from the attack), making them far more effective than any ammunition. Pyrokinesis (Lv.2 and up) can do more damage than (just about) anything else Aya can possibly attack with. Grenades are a hit and miss weapon, given they do much less damage than normal, plus No.9 can guard against them (putting his hands in defense and yelling out 'shit'). Same goes for PE.

His attacks are fairly easy to dodge, provided the player keeps moving around the room; he is not all that powerful. If the player is playing Nightmare Mode, you should stick to the corners of the room and trick him into attacking thin air, then let a Pyrokinesis attack rip him up. At that difficulty, it should deal over 100+ damage. Enough shots will make quick work of him.

Once his HP drops to 366 or less, there is a finishing move Aya can perform. The player has to allow themselves to be grabbed by No.9 (which means lining Aya up so she stands perfectly in front of him and is within grabbing distance). Once grabbed, mash the directional button around to break free (which is normal procedure for any time an enemy grabs Aya). If his HP is low enough, Aya will charge up and fire off a free Pyrokinesis, prematurely ending the fight in her favour. This can be very dangerous to do on higher difficulties, but should be possible even on Nightmare Mode, assuming the player has at least 65HP available, since it is likely the player will take damage trying to do this.


Parasite Eve 2 PS1 Boss 3

Aya fighting No. 9.

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