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North Shallows Tower
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The North Shallows Tower is a location in The 3rd Birthday. It is located in lower Manhattan.

Operation Blue Hail

Operation Blue Hail beginning.

On February 15th, 2014, the North Shallows Tower mission, Operation Blue Hail, was about to begin in which soldiers would place C4 on the tower floors and destroy the Babel, and use a nuclear strike as a last resort.

Aya Brea Overdives into Alpha team's position where they are using tanks Aya to kill a huge Worm blocking the entrance to the Babel. As Aya goes up the tower, Kunihiko Maeda theorizes on the Twisted and on the mission itself. When Aya finishes planting all C4s, Aya and the rest of the soldiers are trapped by the Twisted but thankfully a helicopter that saved Aya during the mission loses control and creates an exit. Aya then Overdives into the helicopter pilot seen outside the exit and a sky battle issues with the Spitters. After taking out the Spitters, Maeda says he located Kyle Madigan on the top tier of the tower, so Aya goes up to the top tier.

Aya confronts Kyle on the top of North Shallows Tower.

Aya meets Kyle and he tries to flirt with her, causing Aya to shoot away from him. Kyle then transforms into a huge Twisted and a battle issues. During the battle, High One Kyle averts his attention to the choppers assisting Aya (possibly because of the real Kyle's feelings for Aya). After a battle, Aya defeats High One Kyle, but suddenly she hears the real Kyle's voice and he pleads with her to finish the battle as he doesn't want to hurt her. When she does, she remembers memories from her past and remembers that she and Kyle were going to be married and that she turned her gun on Eve when they were attacked, making her wonder if she really shot Eve.

The Grand Babel envelops New York City.

Aya is suddenly transported back to the top tier of the tower, and sees a dying Kyle. Kyle tells her that he was trying to protect her but the Twisted took him over. Kyle tells her that he found "it". He then leaves a cryptic message saying that "Eternity is inside of you." and dies. As Aya cries over Kyle's dead body, the Babels suddenly merge into one massive Babel dubbed as "The Grand Babel".


  • At the tower, the ruined offices of Square Enix can be found. The logo of the building can only be seen when Aya uses Overdive to enter the tank to shoot at some runt Worm Twisted.
    • Square seems to have a number of odd knickknacks in their offices, on one of the floors there is a large replica of the Statue of Liberty molded into the ground because of the Babel.


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