Parasite Energy in Parasite Eve II.

Parasite Energy is featured in Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II. It is essentially the "magic" system, but with a biological basis.

In The 3rd Birthday, it was replaced by Over Energy.

Parasite Eve

Aya first gains her ability to use Parasite Energy during her first encounter with Eve on the stage. She only starts with Heal 1, but will gain new ones when she reaches higher levels. Each Parasite Energy costs its own amount to cast; the stronger the ability, the higher the cost. Gradually during battle the spent portion of the PE meter will refill, however the more Aya keeps using the her powers the longer the points take to return (if for example, she uses her PE up to seven times in one battle, the meter recovery will slow to a snail's pace). While Aya's points can be refilled easily during normal battles, it's best to use it wisely during boss or extended battles. However, a specific trick can be used to refill the spent portion of the gauge more quickly: PE recovery is dependent on Aya's armor so if the meter is recovering very slowly (after several castings), switching to a spare piece of armor resets the recovery of the gauge.

Heal 1

  • Level Gained: N/A
  • PE Cost: Very Small (60 PE)
  • Effect: Heals Aya for 30 HP


  • Level Gained: 4
  • PE Cost: Very Small (50 PE)
  • Effect: Reveals the enemy's HP and weakness


  • Level Gained: 7
  • PE Cost: Small (90 PE)
  • Effect: Slows the enemy's movement and AT charge


  • Level Gained: 9
  • PE Cost: Small (100 PE)
  • Effect: Cures poison

Heal 2

  • Level Gained: 11
  • PE Cost: Small (120 PE)
  • Effect: Heals Aya for 60 HP


  • Level Gained: 13
  • PE Cost: 33% of the max PE bar
  • Effect: Enemies attacks take PE instead of HP, as long as Aya has PE she'll take 0 damage

Energy Shot

  • Level Gained: 15
  • PE Cost: All remaining PE
  • Effect: Aya uses all her remaining PE into a large blast that devastates the opponent.


  • Level Gained: 17
  • PE Cost: Small (150 PE)
  • Effect: Confuses enemy and prevents them from attacking


  • Level Gained: 20
  • PE Cost: Medium (200 PE)
  • Effect: Aya becomes faster and the AT fills quicker

Heal 3

  • Level Gained: 22
  • PE Cost: Large (500 PE)
  • Effect: Heals Aya for 280 HP

Gene Heal

  • Level Gained: 25
  • PE Cost: Medium (400 PE to start)
  • Effect: Uses PE to steadily increase HP


  • Level Gained: 28
  • PE Cost: Large (600 PE)
  • Effect: Removes all negative status effects


  • Level Gained: 30
  • PE Cost: Very Large (1000 PE)
  • Effect: Aya receives HP when hers reaches 0

Full Recover

  • Level Gained: 32
  • PE Cost: Very Large (1300 PE)
  • Effect: Restores all HP and removes all status effects



Liberated Aya

  • Level Gained: 33
  • PE Cost: All
  • Effect: Liberates Mitochondrial Control. When used, Aya becomes a powerful blue-green mitochondrial creature with wing-like appendages sprouting from her arms. This is her best attack in the game as she releases an extremely powerful combo. Although the damage varies, Aya will always at least do 1200+ worth of damage (this is split between targets if there is more than one enemy present). Its only drawback other than completely emptying her PE meter is that it leaves her dizzy after she reverts to human form (this isn't a issue during regular battles, where most enemies will not likely survive it, but it can leave her in a defenseless position during boss battles).

Parasite Eve II


The Parasite Energy upgrade screen.

As stated at the beginning of the game while examining various walls at MIST HQ, Aya makes an active effort to not show her PE powers in front of other MIST agents, having "Seen the fear in their eyes". As a result, her abilities have gone "dormant" since the time of the New York Blockade Incident. For this new adventure, her Parasite Energy abilities must be "revived".

During the events of the game she gains a new set of abilities that now focus on the elements. Also, instead of Aya receiving them as she gains a certain level, she's giving experience points to distribute among her powers and make their levels grow. All powers can be raised up to level 3, the higher the power the stronger its effect. Some energies also take less MP the higher the level they are, but most stay the same. Upgrading each PE will also raise Aya's Max MP, usually between values of 1 to 4 each time. Note that in order to unlock Inferno, Lifedrain, Apobiosis and Energyball, the other two PE of each type must both be fully upgraded to level 3.

Although the player may choose to upgrade what they want, maxing out Healing (as healing Aya is very important) and Energyshot (raises Aya's damage) should be the highest priorities, especially for beginners. Pyrokinesis (many enemies are vulnerable to fire attacks) should be a second priority. If the player can spare 1500 EXP for all three, level 1 Necrosis is useful as some bosses are vulnerable to POISON and will take damage over time, level 1 Metabolism is useful for curing status effects, and level 1 Antibody is useful for a basic defense boost. Raising Aya's spell levels can be used strategically; waiting until your MP is (or almost) exhausted, then raising a spell level to provide an MP boost and completely restore Aya's PE energy. This will help save on consumable items, like MP Boost1 and 2. This is more useful on higher difficulties where recovery items are much harder to come by.

If the player wants all PE, they can hack the game on emulator using Cheat Engine. Search for the current EXP value, fight a battle or obtain PE in the game, and do a "next scan" with the new EXP value in order to single out the EXP address.

Parasite Energy is divided into four areas:

  • Fire - Offensive. Fire is perhaps the most useful method of attacking due to its devastating power and good range. It is composed of the fireball Pyrokinesis, the wall of fire Combustion and the explosive Inferno.
  • Wind - Offensive. Wind comprises electrical attacks that have less power but higher tactical value because they are capable of immobilizing and poisoning enemies. These are the electric ball Necrosis, the electric pulse dome Plasma and the thunderstorm Apobiosis.
  • Water - Defensive. Water involves healing energies; these are the status curing Metabolism, the HP restoring Healing and the offensively-used HP draining Lifedrain.
  • Earth - Defensive. Earth relates to physical energies, so is most useful for defense, but can also give Aya a decent attack. The energies are the magnetic armor Antibody, the bullet-power improving Energy Shot and the offensive/defensive balls Energyball.

Parasite Energy: Fire

All fire-based parasite energies are for attacking the enemy, directly. Each one has different uses, but are mostly dependent on the enemy's composition, location(s) and durability.



Ideal for single targets, Aya shoots a flash of heat towards the enemy that causes burn damage. This has a 'very' minor splash radius, but it is possible to hit more than one target with this spell if two or more enemies are tightly clumped together. When it is upgraded, it affects a larger area and can fire one more fireball (level 3 only).

Despite what the description says, Level 2 Pyrokinesis launches a single, larger shot. It is possible that, like Energyball, the original intention was for the number of shots to match the spell level, but the translation was not updated to reflect the final version.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_red1.png Level 1
Fires a burst
of flame forward.
Activates mitochondria in the hands, emitting a flash wave of heat. Target sustains burn damage.
Pe2_icon_spell_red1.png Level 2
Fires two bursts.
Better power & range.
Improved Pyrokinesis. Greater Accuracy. Fires two simultaneous bursts, searing target.
Pe2_icon_spell_red1.png Level 3
Fires multuple bursts.
Best power & range.
Advanced Pyrokinesis. Best accuracy. Fires multiple bursts, causing target sublimation.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power
1 8 22 0 0 70
2 7 22 1250 +1 100
3 6 22 3000 +2 45 x3



Aya sweeps a cone like area in front of her with immense heat for a moment that will catch and cause burns on any enemies. This attack will work through walls/objects/etc. and will catch targets behind them. While the MP consumption is considerably higher, this spell is more suited to taking out groups of clumped up enemies, especially those that are caught by surprise.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_red2.png Level 1
Immolates enemy. Activates mitochondria in skin, causing combustion. Heavy burns on the target complicate cutaneous respiration.
Pe2_icon_spell_red2.png Level 2
Immolates enemy.
Better power & range.
Improved Combustion. Greater range of effect. Sears target's lungs, causing internal burns. May cause suffocation.
Pe2_icon_spell_red2.png Level 3
Immolates enemy
Best power & range.
Advanced Combustion. Best range of effect. Combusts body fat, melting the target like a candle.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power
1 14 38 750 +1 120
2 14 30 1750 +1 140
3 14 22 4000 +2 170



Aya engulfs every enemy in the room with ash-leaving heat. Given this spells affects all targets on the map, there is no viable way for an enemy to evade this attack save being resistant or immune to PE spells. On the downside, this spell requires a considerable amount of PE and ATP for the attack to succeed. Planning may be required to avoid being attacked during the casting.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_red3.png Level 1
Generates a small,
localized explosion.
Uses radioactive isotopes to set off nuclear fission. The resulting inferno turns targets into lumps of scar tissue.
Pe2_icon_spell_red3.png Level 2
Generates a medium,
localized explosion.
Improved Inferno. Uses radioactive isotopes to set off nuclear fission. Turns targets to heaps of ash.
Pe2_icon_spell_red3.png Level 3
Generates a large,
local area explosion.
Advanced Inferno. Best range of effect. Uses radioactive isotopes to set off nuclear fission. Reduces targets to piles of molecules.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power
1 30 50 3000 +1 200
2 30 40 4000 +2 250
3 30 28 5000 +4 300

Parasite Energy: Wind

All wind-based parasite energies are used to turn the tide of battle in Aya's favor. While doing less damage than fire-based attacks, they are more useful in providing various effects and status changes.



Aya fires of a blast of electricity directly affecting some vital points on the target's body, depending on its current stage. Can inflict POISON, causing the target to take a % of their max HP in damage every couple seconds. Depending on the target (and if they can be poisoned), this will remain until the target dies or will only last a few turns.

HP % damage varies between NMCs and is less effective than the 44 Maeda SP and unused 44 Poison rounds. The Poison % damage is based off the 44 Maeda SP, set at 100%.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_green1.png Level 1
Discharges electricity. Mitochondria focus in the hands and release an electrical discharge, necrotizing target's epidermis.
Pe2_icon_spell_green1.png Level 2
Discharges electricity.
localized explosion.
Improved Necrosis. Greater discharge range. Necrotizes cells in target's vital organs.
Pe2_icon_spell_green1.png Level 3
Discharges electricity.
local area explosion.
Advanced Necrosis. Best discharge range. Necrotizes target's osteocytes (bone cells).
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power Poison Dmg. %
1 7 38 500 +1 15 25%
2 7 30 1250 +1 20 37.5%
3 7 22 3000 +2 30 50%



Aya casts a large blast of air that knocks down and/or stuns almost any enemy within the designated area. Mind Sucklers are disabled by this attack.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_green2.png Level 1
Knocks down targets
w / a small blast wave.
Activates mitochondria creating a discharge that detonates air molecules. The blast wave knocks down nearby targets.
Pe2_icon_spell_green2.png Level 2
Smashes down targets
w / a small blast wave.
Improved Plasma. Generates an ion discharge, detonating air molecules. The great blast wave smashes down targets.
Pe2_icon_spell_green2.png Level 3
Flattens all targets
in the surrounding area.
Advanced Plasma. Generates an ion discharge, detonating air molecules. The tremendous blast wave flattens targets.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power
1 6 18 750 +1 25
2 5 18 1750 +1 30
3 4 18 4000 +2 40



Aya targets enemies' nervous systems with electrical discharges. While it causes some decent damage on it's own, the biggest asset of this spell is the ability to inflict a wide-scale PARLYSIS on nearby targets at lower levels and the entire battlefield at level 3, disabling them for several seconds. The stun times are inferior to Pepper Spray.

Stun Time % is based off the time normally given with a Pepper Spray (100%), since stun duration time varies between NMCs.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_green3.png Level 1
Temporarily paralyzes
adjacent enemies.
Activates mitochondria to make an electrical pulse. Paralyzes target by accelerating natural programmed cell death.
Pe2_icon_spell_green3.png Level 2
Causes acute seizures
in surrounding targets.
Improved Apobiosis. Paralyzes area targets by accelerating regular programmed cell death.
Pe2_icon_spell_green3.png Level 3
Paralyzes all enemies
in the surrounding area.
Advanced Apobiosis. Paralyzes all nearby targets by accelerating programmed cell death.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power Stun Time
1 18 38 3000 +1 60 50%
2 18 38 4000 +2 80 62.5%
3 18 38 5000 +4 100 75%

Parasite Energy: Water

All water-based parasite energies concern Aya's health and status; they'll mostly provide buffs to aid Aya during (and in one case outside) battle.



Aya attempts to purify and immunize herself to status ailments for a short time, however it doesn't always work with 100% efficiency unless at level three.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_blue1.png Level 1
Restores normal
status over time.
Uses mitochondria to form antibodies, causing a natural immunizing reaction. Not 100% reliable.
Pe2_icon_spell_blue1.png Level 2
Rapidly restores
normal status.
Improved Metabolism. Speeds up production os white blood cells to counter toxins. Effective, but still requires time.
Pe2_icon_spell_blue1.png Level 3
Instantly restores
normal status.
Advanced Metabolism. Heightens metabolic rate to lightning speed. Instantly detects, neutralizes and eliminates toxins.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP
1 7 36 500 +1
2 5 28 1250 +1
3 3 18 3000 +1



Instantly heals a portion of Aya's health, depending on the spell's level. More HP is recovered if used during battle than outside it.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_blue2.png Level 1
Heals a little HP. Increases mitochondria to enhance energy output and speed healing until the mitochondria weaken.
Pe2_icon_spell_blue2.png Level 2
Heals some HP. Improved Healing. Regenerates lost cells at the cost of mitochondrial energy.
Pe2_icon_spell_blue2.png Level 3
Heals a lot of HP Advanced Healing. Directly converts mitochondria in the host to energy, promoting rapid healing.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP HP Restore (During Battle)
1 12 42 750 +1 30 30-60
2 12 30 1750 +1 40 40-70
3 12 18 4000 +1 50 50-90



Aya uses enemies' mitochondrial energy to heal herself. Damage is split between the number of active NMCs in the battlefield.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_blue3.png Level 1
Drains HP from
adjacent targets.
Indirectly controls mitochondria in adjacent organisms, using them to generate an electrical current to boost healing.
Pe2_icon_spell_blue3.png Level 2
Drains HP from
nearby targets.
Improved Lifedrain. Controls mitochondria in nearby organisms, using them to generate an electrical current to boost healing.
Pe2_icon_spell_blue3.png Level 3
Drains HP from all
surrounding targets.
Advanced Lifedrain. Completely controls local mitochondria, using them to generate an electrical current to boost healing.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power
1 20 44 3000 +1 200
2 18 36 4000 +1 250
3 16 28 5000 +2 300

Parasite Energy: Earth

All earth-based parasite energies help protect Aya; they will give her various buffs to increase her offensive and defensive power.



Aya creates a small protective shield around herself that will fade over time. It will last for 75 game seconds before wearing off.

Casting another Antibody on top of an existing one will further improve Aya's durability and reset the timer back to 75 seconds.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow1.png Level 1
Reduces physical
Uses mitochondria to draw on the earth's magnetic field, forming a protective shield against physical blows around the host.
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow1.png Level 2
Wards off
physical damage.
Improved Antibody. Draws on the earth's magnetic field, forming a strong protective sheath against physical blows around the host.
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow1.png Level 3
Greatly reduces
physical damage.
Advanced Antibody. Draws on the earth's magnetic field, forming a total protective sheath against physical blows around the host.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP 1x Cast 2x Cast
1 6 36 500 +2 25% 30%
2 5 28 1250 +2 30% 40%
3 4 18 3000 +4 40% 50%



Increases damage done by the weapon Aya is currently using. Effective, cuts down ammo waste, but wears off after 75 seconds.

Casting another Energyshot on top of an existing one will further improve Aya's damage % and reset the timer back to 75 seconds.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow2.png Level 1
Raises bullets' kinetic
energy & penetration.
Using the magnetic field generated by mitochondria, greatly increases bullet velocity. Powerful, but limited duration.
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow2.png Level 2
Raises bullets' kinetic
energy & impact.
Improved Energyshot. Increases bullet velocity and alters bullet composition to maximize stopping power.
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow2.png Level 3
Raises bullets' kinetic
energy & killing power.
Advanced Energyshot. Increases bullet velocity and sends a cancerous package of mitochondria with every round.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP 1x Cast 2x Cast
1 10 36 750 +2 30% 40%
2 9 28 1750 +2 40% 50%
3 8 18 4000 +4 50% 60%



Aya creates a small barrier that controls a small orb used for both attacks and defense. A maximum of three orbs can circle around Aya at any given time, meaning at lower levels, any time Aya casts the spell, it will add onto the existing count.

Area of Effect Summary Description
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow3.png Level 1
Creates a circling orb
that repels attacks
Uses mitochondria to gather thermal energy and form a magnetic field that supports a superconducting orb for defense and attack.
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow3.png Level 2
Creates 2 circling orbs
that repel attacks
Improved Energyball. Generates two superconducting orbs for defense and attack.
Pe2_icon_spell_yellow3.png Level 3
Creates a ring of orbs
that attack targets.
Advanced Energyball. Generates three superconducting orbs that can attack targets with a focused energy emission.
Level MP Use ATP Loss EXP Cost Bonus MP Power
1 15 36 3000 +2 200
2 15 28 4000 +4 200 x2
3 15 18 5000 +9 200 x3
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