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In Parasite Eve II, at the end of the game (on any mode) the player is awarded a score based on all EXP earned in that playthrough. This score determines which rank the player is awarded, with S being the highest, then running from A down to L, being the lowest. Each rank opens up new weapons, items, and ammunition available for immediate purchase in all shops in the game during any subsequent play-through on Replay Mode.

The final score is based on the remainder of EXP and the value of PE spells that have been purchased. This allows a player to use the Holy Water, Medicine Wheel, Ofuda and Skull Crystal to provide a boost to endgame EXP if necessary since they can be used to acquire PE spells.

The rank awards are cumulative and each rank can be earned once. If the player meets the requirements for a rank that has already been cleared, the player will graduate to the next unearned rank, even if it skips other ranks in the process.

  • For instance, if a player earns a B rank on one playthrough, starts a replay game using that clear save data and earns an B rank in that playthrough, they will unlock A rank and have access to those items.
  • If the player has earned an S rank during the playthroughs, the check will loop back down to L rank and resuming climbing up again (So if you already have S Rank, but L rank has not been cleared, you will be given L rank).
  • During a first-time play-through on Normal Mode, it is possible to earn a B rank IF the player uses some of their attachable items to unlock spells.

Some modes will also skip ranks bonus at the end (Rather than giving the player extra ranks, the game will reward the player with a rank higher than the one they would have earned playing at lower difficulties).

There are no rank skips for Normal or Replay Modes.

If a player unlocks all 13 ranks, a carrying bonus of 300,000 BP will be added to end of each subsequent play-through (After all the bonuses have been tallied up). / Example: A game finished in Scavenger mode with 280,000 BP will be given an endgame total of 1,700,000 BP ((280,000 x 5) + 300,000).

The item awards are ONLY available in Replay Mode. Unless normally on sale, these are not available in the other modes:

Experience Total Rank Items
400001+ S Gunblade Ringer's Solution Eau de Toilette
200001-400000 A Hypervelocity Hunter Goggles MP Boost2
75001-200000 B MM1 Airburst Recovery3
72001-75000 C M249 .44 MaedaSP ammo Cola
69001-72000 D Mongoose .44 Magnum ammo Skull Crystal
66001-69000 E AS12 R. Slug ammo Firefly ammo
62001-66000 F Aya Special 9mm Spartan ammo Ofuda
57001-62000 G Javelin MD Player Holy Water
51100-57000 H Pyke Lipstick Tactical Armor
44001-51000 I Hammer Belt Pouch MP Boost1
16001-44000 J M203 Protein Capsule 9mm Hydra ammo
14501-16000 K M9 Rifle Clip Holder Flare
0-14500 L Monk Robe Medicine Wheel Recovery2
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