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Pawn golem.png
425 125 100 5
Name Status Damage
Running Slash
Gun Melee
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
None Electricity
Item Drops
Location Neo Ark, Shelter (after finding Eve)
Akropolis, Dryfield, Mine (Bounty/Nightmare)

The general combat model, the Pawn GOLEM is the weakest of the GOLEM soldiers, but it is still a powerful foe and may yet give players problems. Tougher than most ANMC opposition and heavily armed, they act as the main line of defense for the Shelter and to control ANMC outbreaks. They can pack one of two weapons - a beam sword arm or a grenade launcher arm, both of which are quite powerful. They are vulnerable to electricity, as most GOLEMs are.

To make up for their comparatively modest combat abilities (by GOLEM standards), Pawns are often deployed in squads, often under the supervision of a Rook GOLEM.

Pawn Golems equipped with a blade are faster and more maneuverable than Rooks, but with essentially the same tactic: Get in close and cut the opponent to pieces. They are somewhat sluggish to respond to movement, so Aya can often get to safety by running directly past a Pawn, forcing the GOLEM to overshoot her position when it charges.

Pawns with the Grenade Launcher fire their entire magazine in one long, 6-round salvo. These grenades are quite capable of friendly fire, so the Pawn is actually quite dangerous to their own forces with such a weapon. The Pawn's grenades are filled with tear gas, inflicting DARKNESS on impact and blinding Aya. Because they fire in a Salvo, it's very easy to bait a Pawn into firing off a barrage, moving out of the way, then doing some damage to it while it reloads.

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