Puppet Stinger
Puppet stinger
4000 1000 (1300 if both Derangement Speakers are destroyed) 500 100
Name Status Damage
Energy Ball (red)
Purple Beam x1
Purple Beam x2
Triple Beam
Pe2 icon status paralysis
Pe2 icon status confusion
Pe2 icon status blindness
Notes: Healing will restore 80 HP to the boss.
Strength Weakness
High Defense Electrical
Item Drops
Normal/ Replay/ Scavenger
MP Boost2, Eau de Toilette, Ringer's Solution
Bounty/ Nightmare
Recovery1 Eau de Toilette
Location Shelter

The Puppet Stinger is a massive Stinger class ANMC and one of the latter bosses in Parasite Eve II.


Parasite Eve 2 PS1 Boss 11

Parasite Eve 2 PS1 Boss 11

Aya fighting the Puppet Stinger.

It is flanked by two Derangement Speakers which slowly drain Aya's MP if they are not destroyed. Destroying these also cause the Puppet Stinger to recoil, cancelling its spells out.

Another, albeit MP/PE reliant, strategy to easily dispose of this creature is to negate all PE cast on/from it by pushing Eve back using Plasma (3MP per cast at Lv.3). This might get tricky, as its range is limited and Eve has a shield up, as well.

A very viable and useful strategy against the Puppet Stinger is to use Energyshot with the Grenade Launcher or Grenade Pistol with Grenade ammo. This will quickly take out the Derangement Speakers and each subsequent shot to the Puppet Stinger will stagger it. If shot at a constant stream of grenade shots, the boss will essentially be stagger-locked and becomes the most menial of bosses in the game.


Aya using Energyshot.

Lvl. 3 Energyshot and normal grenade with Crystal Skull and Ofuda deals roughly 180 to 200 damage per shot, up to a staggering 380+ on its combustion startup where it drops its antibody effect.

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