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Statistics (Easy)
36000 2000 1000
Statistics (Normal)
45000 2000 1000
Statistics (Hard)
81000 3220 2000
Statistics (Deadly)
141750 3780 3000
Statistics (Insane)
364500 4870 4000
Resistant to Recoil A
Resistant to Stagger N/A
Episode(s) 2,3
Descent Kill No

Rovers, also known as Arachnoid Deathtraps, are a type of Twisted that appears in The 3rd Birthday. It appears for the first time as a sub-boss which Aya has to defeat.

It is dangerous and powerful since it can shoot electrical projectiles and catch someone in the electrical discharge it produces, paralyzing the victim before walking up to him or her and stabbing the latter with its sharp legs.


The 3rd Birthday ( ザ・サード バースデイ ) - Rover (GENOCIDE)

Aya killing the Rover before Gabrielle arrives.

Fortunately, Gabrielle Monsigny comes to the rescue in a helicopter and Aya Overdives into her body to kill it with her sniper rifle. However, it is possible to beat the Rover in Episode 2 for the first time without a sniper rifle by making good use of grenades, Liberation and a high level Kill Boost DNA chip. This is one of the feats.

Rovers also appear in Grand Central Station, where they'll float in the air as a ghost while Detectors roam the ground below. If Aya is caught by a Detector she will be stunned while the Rover materializes and begins attacking. Alternatively, Aya can also throw or fire a grenade at a Detector to get rid of it, but this still summons the Rover into battle.

Report entry

"Arachnoid Deathtrap"

Works with and controls a type of Twisted known as Detectors, which float along looking for enemies and summon a Rover as soon as one is sighted.

It uses a laser searchlight to trap and fire at enemies. If caught in this beam, your body will be frozen to the spot, rendering you temporarily incapacitated.

Once it immobilizes its prey with its searchlight attacks, it uses its sharp skewer-like tentacles to impale its target. It's an astonishingly powerful move - and a fatal one.

The tenacious tracking of an endless onslaught of Detectors combined with the powerful offense and speed of the Rovers make for a truly pernicious paid. Approach with extreme caution.

Destroying the enemy-hunting searchlight is the key to defeating Rovers. Unless and until a bullet from a sniper rifle shuts it down, the searchlight will keep moving in all manner of ways to track down intruders.

Sniper rifle sweet spot:

Lower portion of the extremities, i.e., below the knee.

While the Detector is going after enemies, the Rover shows only its shadow. Its physical being is in a parallel universe of sorts, and no attacks can harm it in this state.



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