Parasite Eve Wiki
85 10 62 2
Name Status Damage
Moonsault Kick
Bite Clamp
12 x4
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
Nimble Kicking attack is easily countered
Item Drops
Location Dryfield
Welcome to the world of ANMC... Keep your eyes open for bouncing ANMCs with big ears -- these are 'Scavengers'. They may be small, but they have big appetites and can eat carrion -- the garbagemen of the forest! While they form packs to hunt weaker prey, they are not very effecting fighters. Since they are largely nocturnal, you won't often see them during the day.
Neo Ark announcer

Scavengers are nocturnal ANMCs and can be dangerous due to how they hunt. Only appearing in Dryfield after the encounter with No. 9, Scavengers can prove deadly if you don't know exactly how to attack them.

Scavengers are forelimbless biped monsters that have rabbit-like ears. They do not have eyes but can still find Aya fairly well.

Their main way of attack is by jumping at Aya and at close range, they can easily combo Aya. They also take good damage and the M4A1 is useful at taking them out. Their weak point is exposed as they jump at Aya; shooting them at this time will cause them to take 2x normal damage.

Later on, you can find them huddling together, presumably sleeping. When they can be found like this, Combustion can kill all of them. In situations where they are sleeping, the P229 can quietly take them out, one at a time. Flare is also effective at disabling a Scavenger for several seconds.

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