Sea Diver
2000 400 1000 15
Name Status Damage
Energy Breath - 26
Notes: -
Strength Weakness
Cannot be hit all the time Fire
Item Drops
Normal/ Replay/ Scavenger
Protein Capsule, MP Boost2
Bounty/ Nightmare
Firefly x10, R.Slug x10
Location Neo Ark, Submarine Gallery

The Sea Diver is an aquatic ANMC that fights best in water and the area that it is fought is quite small, but manageable. This is the only optional boss of Parasite Eve II and is a massive Diver. It is highly recommended to fight it to receive the Skull Crystal which increases attack and defense by 20% when attached.

To access the boss, see Pyramid Puzzle.


Unlike other boss fights, there is a bit of a warm up. Five smaller Bog Divers will surface in tank, a couple at a time to attack the player. After all of them have been defeated, a cut scene will occur showing the entry of the Sea Diver.

This version fights just like its normal counterparts and is weak against Fire. Combustion does work well because at Level 3, it will deal 500+ damage, a quarter of the boss' HP. Now its Energy Breath attack is different and works a bit like the Burner's flamethrower attack and should be dodged by running way from it.

After the fight

When it is defeated (which isn't too hard), checking its decomposing body will yield the Skull Crystal which increases weapon attack damage by 20% when attached, so it is highly recommend. Also, when it is attached with the Ofuda (increases attack by 50%) and Holy Water (reduces damage by 25%), this makes Aya powerful.

According to Aya, its liquefied remains smelled strongly of lemons.


  • The BradyGames strategy guide incorrectly lists its name as Gray Stalker and includes a picture of the Bog Diver instead of the Sea Diver. Even in the bestiary, it still features an image of the Bog Diver.
  • The Skull Crystal is a limited time item and should be picked up before leaving the room.
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