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Ben playing with Sheeva.

Sheeva, also known as Shiva, made her first and last appearance in Parasite Eve. Sheeva was the local N.Y.P.D. search dog. She seems to be a German Shepherd.

She was first introduced when Daniel Dollis brought his son Ben Dollis to the police station with him to protect him from Eve. While Daniel went to talk with Douglas Baker, Ben was left with the handler down to the basements where the dogs were kept. The handler took Sheeva out and promised she would protect Ben; the young boy had an instant attachment to the dog as she was his source of normalcy as these battles and odd events raged.


Sheeva before her mitochondria begins to control her.

Main article: Kerberos

While Ben was staying at the local police station, Sheeva went mad due to Mitochondria Eve waking her mitochondria and attacked her handler. She fled the kennels to the top floor while Ben gave chase, and Aya takes after him after she and Daniel get wind of it. During this time, the whole precinct came under attack from Eve's mutated creatures. As Aya rushes to help while Daniel stays behind, Baker pulls Ben away from the shivering Sheeva. Ben begins to become even more frightened, but Baker promises that it's not Sheeva but a monster. Baker sees the signs of Sheeva beginning to evolve and tells Ben to close his eyes.


Parasite Eve - Disc 1 - Sheeva Mutation

The mutation from dog to monster.

Sheeva after her mutation.

Sheeva transforms into a monster known as Kerberos as Ben hides behind Baker. When Baker begins firing, Ben opens his eyes again, now seeing the new Sheeva and cries out in horror at Baker announces he's out of ammo. Aya arrives just as Kerberos begins moving towards them, Ben telling her that Baker got hurt, mostly likely protecting Ben from one of Kerberos' attacks. The boy cries out that Sheeva is now dead, and he wants Aya to stop her from turning into a monster. Realizing her choices are limited in the small room, Aya turns Kerberos' attention towards her.


  • It is mentioned that Sheeva was Baker's partner when he was a rookie, making it difficult for him to shoot her.
  • Shiva is also the name given to an ice based summon in many of Squaresoft/Square Enix's Final Fantasy series and this could be a nod towards it.
  • Sheeva's name in the Japanese version of the game, shiiba, could also be spelled Shiva and Sheeba. It seems to reference the shiba inu, a popular breed of dog in Japan, which is odd, as Sheeva appears to be a German shepherd, and is certainly not a shiba.
  • In the manga, Kerberos' battle takes place in a hospital instead of an NYPD precinct, and also, unlike the game, Sheeva manages to kill Baker instead of simply wounding him.
  • In Hindu mythology, Shiva is one of the forms of God, and is also known as "the destroyer".
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