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Snatchers, also known as Dark-dwelling Hunters, are Twisted from The 3rd Birthday. They seem to have arachnid affiliations, as they look like spiders and they appear upside down, while hanging on the ceilings.

One of the Snatchers' most annoying attacks are the constant barrage of black spikes, as well as firing two black orbs in front of an opponent, which will explode in black sharp spikes after a short while. Another attack is blinding the screen, which shouldn't be a problem unless there are Rollers or other enemies in the vicinity. They can drop to the floor and home in to Aya or a soldier and then start a barrage of hits.

A Snatcher eating an unfortunate man.

While on the ground they can also curl their legs into a sphere-like shape and start rolling around while damaging nearby opponents. Perhaps the worst attack they can perform is to drop from the ceiling, run at great speed towards Aya, grab her, jump back to the ceiling and slowly carry her towards their web-like dimensional portal, instantly killing her if she doesn't Overdive into another person.

If a Snatcher has been damaged, it may retreat from the battle and hang from the ceiling with just one leg. At this point it will start glowing in red color, meaning it's regaining its health.

A good strategy to take out Snatchers is using strong launcher attacks to hit multiple Snatchers and stun them at the same time, and if the player is fortunate, use Overdive Kill. Heavy artillery fire is also recommended to quickly dispose of these nuisances, as some feats require that no soldiers are taken away by the Snatchers. If using sniper rifles, their rear leg's "knee" is their weak spot, although a well upgraded sniper rifle is enough to kill them in one shot in most difficulty settings. They also come in a rare red variant.

Report entry

"Dark-dwelling Hunter"

Dangles from the ceiling and searches for intruders. Upon finding one, it drops down and begins its pursuit.

It's an extremely keen hunter and fighter both, launching its first attacks immediately after sensing a foe and relentlessly continuing its barrage until it captures its prey.

Anyone unlucky enough to be captured won't make it out alone. The Snatcher will drag him or her to its spiderweb wormhole, where death is inevitable.

To secure an Overdive target, first rescue the captured human by besieging the Snatcher with well-placed attacks before it reaches its web.

The Snatcher has a derivative form whose projectiles explode on impact, dazzling the enemy with a flashbomb-like burst of light. Looking directly into this light might temporarily blind you.

Sniper rifles work well against Snatchers.

Sniper rifle sweet spot: Center of the extremities, i.e., around the "knee."


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