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St. Francis Hospital
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St. Francis Hospital is a hospital in New York City. Mitochondria Eve comes here to seek sperm in order to birth the Ultimate Being on Day 4.


Hans Klamp monitoring Aya and Maya.

On December 23, 1977, Mariko Brea and her daughters Maya Brea and Aya Brea were involved in a car accident. All three of them were brought to St. Francis Hospital. Maya and her mother died at the hospital, but Aya survived. Maya's cornea was also preserved for possible future use for Aya, who was born with a eye defect in her right eye. Hans Klamp was an intern at the hospital during this time.

Melissa Pearce was hospitalized the same day at St. Francis Hospital due to kidney failure, and was the recipient of Maya's kidney. Maya's evolved mitochondria was transferred to Melissa. After six months of hospitalization, Melissa was released and put on immunosuppressant drugs.

Parasite Eve

Aya and Eve on the roof.

Aya and Kunihiko Maeda go to the hospital. Daniel Dollis doesn't come because he wants to interrogate Klamp and be with Ben. Maeda also waits outside since he feels heat approaching the entrance and wants to avoid combustion.

In the hospital, Aya realizes that the hospital is swarming with monsters, such as the Mixedman. While exploring the basement, Eve cuts the elevator power and Aya must find fuses to restore power.

Aya continues exploring, fighting Spiderwoman on the roof. Eve appears and uses her powers to crash fighter jets into the hospital. Aya barely survives by jumping off onto a platform below.


  • While there is a real-life St. Francis Hospital in Flower Hill, New York, it seems unlikely the fictional hospital in Parasite Eve is meant to be it. St. Francis Hospital is one of the few fictional locations seen in the series, similar to the fictional Akropolis Tower in the sequel.
  • If Aya looks out a window, she can see the Chrysler Building.
  • The hospital is presumably named after Francis of Assisi.


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