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Welcome to the Rainforest Zone. This zone is home to the ANMCs we call 'Strangers.' These are some of the first ever make, the original ANMCs! Vestigial hands and powerful legs give all Stranger breeds an ostrich like silhouette. Strangers also possess the ability to mimic their original human form via 'apoptosis' -- cell suicide. However, the physical strain of the transformation limits it to a few minutes at best. Those test subject who dislike the traditional ANMC form often choose this breed.
—Neo Ark announcer

Strangers are the first type of ANMCs encountered in Parasite Eve II.

The Strangers are creatures that have mutated from human beings. Their necks become enlongated, they become very skinny and their arms become long and scrawny. Their faces have also been severely mutated and resemble skulls, with very sharp and wide mouths.

They are fairly simple creatures with average speed, and use their mouths to attack Aya Brea, but using Aya's mitochondria powers will obliterate them easily.

Grinning Strangers

A Grinning Stranger killing a man.

Main article: Grinning Stranger

This is the average Stranger and really isn't that dangerous. They are the smaller of the Stranger varieties and are first encountered after running away from the telephone. Grinning Strangers are the smaller of the two varieties that are encountered in the Tower and feature poor reflexes. They typically appear in pairs and can be killed with any means necessary.

Boss Stranger

The Stranger transformation.
Main article: Boss Stranger

A Stranger is fought as a boss battle at Akropolis Tower's cafe as a young woman collapses in front of Aya and changes before her eyes. This Stranger is different from the others as it's bigger in size and deals more damage than an average Stranger. It also looks different than regular Strangers, as it has a non-human-ape-like face. It is a commonly held belief amongst fans that this "boss" Stranger has no eyes, but if one looks closely enough, one can see red eyes, though they are faint. This Stranger is finally killed by Rupert Broderick as Aya doesn't finish it off before it could attack her from behind.

Odd Strangers

Main article: Odd Stranger

This variant of the Stranger is larger and a bit more humanoid than the Grinning and Lesser Stranger. They have fully developed arms and have a more human like face. They only have slightly more HP than the Grinning version and ultimately isn't a threat.

Lesser Strangers

Main article: Lesser Stranger

A "cousin" of the Boss Stranger, the Lesser Stranger is a unique variant that only appears Dryfield after it transforms from a human. In reality it isn't more dangerous than the others and should be easy to stop.

Creeping Strangers

Main article: Creeping Stranger

This failed version of the Stranger has two parts to it, the head and the mechanical body. The head is the only part that can be attacked and it can inflict Berserker on Aya so keep that in mind. Once the head is destroyed, the body can easily be destroyed in a single shot.

Horned Strangers

Main article: Horned Stranger

This version only appears in Neo Ark and is much stronger version. It is much larger than the normal Strangers and has a much more animal like design to it, such as its display with the crest on its head. It will attempt to ambush Aya before leaving and attacking later. The Grenade Launcher with Energy Shot 3 can easily knock them down and a second grenade will destroy them easily.


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