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Welcome to the Savannah Zone. One resident of this zone is the ANMC known as the 'Suckler'. Sucklers are mature in a neotenized state, looking much like infants. Imagine always being held in your mother's arms, always being loved! If this sounds like a good deal to you, you might want to join the Sucklers. Sucklers are different from other ANMCs in both shape and ecology. If their DNA weren't so similar, we'd think they were different species! What are the special features of the Suckler? In the development stage known as the Bonesuckler, they crawl in packs, searching for prey. When prey is found, a Suckler will rapidly divert blood to its head, causing a cranial explosion. The resulting shower of bone shards pulverized prey for the rest of the pack to feed upon. After pupating, the Suckler leaves its larval stage and becomes a winged adult 'Mindsuckler.' From the air, the Mindsuckler finds prey and uses its ovipositor to fire larva into the prey's head region. The larva parasitizes the host's cranium, leading the host to the larval Bonesuckler nest. After the host is consumed, the larva exits the safety of the cranium, now a fully grown Bonesuckler. This kind of metamorphosis and altruistic behavior is seen in higher insects, such as ants. The group society that the Sucklers epitomize might be one possible future for human evolution. Due to their delicate skin, Sucklers only move by night. We apologize for any inconvenience.
—Neo Ark announcer

The Suckler species of ANMC comes in three forms, namely a small child baby like form, the adult, insect like form and a failed rolling form. Both are fairly dangerous in their own ways but they also can be killed fairly easily.

Bone Suckler/Blood Suckler

Blood Suckler.

Bone Suckler.

Main article: Blood Suckler
Main article: Bone Suckler

Both of these creatures are very similar to each other except that the Bone Suckler has a lighter coloration the Blood version is a redish design. Both crawl towards Aya and make baby sounds. Both are also very dangerous because they explode when damaged in any form. This makes then very dangerous and very useful because they can cause chain reactions. It is best to dispose of them at range. The Shotgun works well because it can damage a lot of them allowing for quick and easily removal. Also in certain areas, their explosions can damage Strangers or Scavengers making it easier to defeat them as well. This only works well in enclosed area.

Mind Suckler

Main article: Mind Suckler

These are the adult version of the Suckler and features insect like wings and a larger stronger body. They are typically found resting on buildings and will wake up and fly towards Aya. They can prove to be very dangerous because their attacks are quick and they can easily keep up with Aya. The best way to deal with them is the M4 at range or the Shotgun which can easily knock them down from range. When they are knocked down Mind Sucklers only crawl around slowly and are basically harmless. The best thing to do is to knock then down before killing them. The targeting system can get annoying because of their rapid movements.


Main article: Sucklerceph

This seems to be a failed version of the Blood Suckler and are three heads and roll towards the target. They aren't encountered very much but are dangerous because they move much faster than their cousins and can actually survive some hits. This makes them a fair bit more dangerous than the originals but still aren't a big threat.

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