I don't want to get into an editing war on this page, but there is a LOT of personal opinion being baked into this page as "fact".  First and foremost surrounding "Rate of Fire".  Yes, Rate of Fire greater than one reduces the individual bullet damage by a fraction, BUT if you devote all the shots of a R0F2 or RoF3 weapon on a single target -- and concentration of fire is a cardinal principle -- you will do more damage IN TOTAL PER ATB ACTION.  There is no such thing as RoF4, and RoF 5 and above get into rapidly diminishing returns, even if concentrated on one target.  Not to mention burning through ammo ridiculously quickly, and locking Aya into longer firing animations.  But the firing animation depends on factors OTHER THAN RoF ALONE.  The weapon's frame (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgin, etc.) also determines speed.   Frankly, against most opponents, a RoF3 Rifle or Shotgun perfectly viable.  This seeming hatred for RoF3 -- which happens to be my personal favorite -- really annoys me.  I try to structure my edits in a way to give players options, because Your Mileage May Vary, rather than dictate "This Is The Best".

So, of course, the "Best Guns Per Day" section ALSO falls into this trap.  And I see some of my previous changes have been removed.  So, now, I'm going to see how much optioning I can put back in.  Don't like my take?  Debate me HERE, not on the wiki itself, okay?

SG550FTW (talk) 07:42, June 2, 2020 (UTC)

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