Torres Owens
48 (born 1949)
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NYPD weapon manager
Parasite Eve
But just remember. Cops own guns for protection. Don't let the guns own you.

Torres Owens is a character from Parasite Eve.


Torres works closely with Wayne Garcia and does his best to keep Wayne's gun obsession under control. Wayne and Torres have a strained relationship, due to Wayne's pro-gun beliefs and Torres' anti-gun beliefs conflicting, plus Wayne often does secret gun modding behind Torres' back, such as upgrading Aya Brea's weapons.

Torres is a seasoned cop, but his career took a sudden turn after he lost his daughter in a gun mishap. Sworn to never fire another gun again to help keep the gun problem under control, he took a job in the N.Y.P.D.'s Weapon Department to ensure the firearms are properly regulated, as well as never using a gun for many years. The incident was so traumatic that he never trusted young cops with firearms.

Parasite Eve

Ironically he is eventually killed during a raid on the police department by one of Mitochondria Eve's mutated creatures (a Dogman) while not even managing to shoot, much to Wayne's despair. Wayne says Torres entirely can't blame guns for his daughter's death, and Torres changes his mind and agrees, as there were other factors involved such as the safety violations. As he dies, Torres tells Wayne to take care of the place.



Torres angrily ranting at Wayne.

  • "Idiots like you are the reason why guns won't disappear from this country! Get your ass back to weapons storage! You're far from ready to be handling guns in here!"
  • "As long as you see guns as toys, you'll never touch them!"
  • "Guns aren't supposed to be stronger, you numbskull! They're supposed to be safer!"
  • "Sorry, Aya... Didn't mean to make a scene... But that goes for you, too. You can never be too careful with a gun!"
  • "...Hey, Aya. Guess... I screwed up, eh?... Haven't used a gun since..."
  • "I... suppose... You're... right."
  • "Wayne... You take good care of this place, now..."


  • He is 160cm (5'3") and 62kg (137lbs).
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