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So I done some analyzing and stuff and have these questions: So I watched the cutscenes from Episode 1. Somethings that stood out to me is that Hyde said "There's life even beyond death." Perhaps it may elude to Aya not being actually dead? And why did Emily Jefferson say "Remember where it all started sis" but Eve isn't her why call her sis? And I still don't understand the ghost looking Eve with the twisted face...

And is it possible for Eve to overdive into the past before Aya gets shot and somehow warn them and prevent that? Probably not right? Because the overdive wasn't created yet..?

Episode 2: Near the end of the episode, why would Eve hear voices of Eve? Why would Kyle say to Eve "your sister Eve is dead, and wonders the depth of time?" Did he not know that "Aya" is Eve? Or is it because Kyle is a high one and just messing with Eve's head?

Episode 3: When Cray says to Eve that she needs to find her sister, and never let go of her..why did Eve do the opposite in the ending? DAmnit Eve...

Episode 4: When in the dream, a scene shows Aya standing over Eve with a gun, and looking pretty mad (not all cry baby like Eve in the ending) and Eve seems to be not moving on the ground. I don't ever ever remember seeing this in the ending. I think this has to do with the updated file of Aya after beating the game once (under episode 6 CTI members). It states: Eve's abilities suddenly awoke and ran amok. Aya tried to suppress them, but to no avail. She ended up shooting Eve Brea. The fragments of Eve's body brought forth the High Ones. Okay, this doesn't make sense at all. If Aya shot Eve like really shot would be Aya in the game right? Or did Eve dive into Aya right before Eve died..? I'm so confused now Hm, unless in the ending Aya had Eve shoot her because she knew that Eve's body is going to go crazy, and she wanted her to have her body so no High Ones will come about. That's the best explaination that I can come up with. So Aya's soul wasn't destroyed in the end, that's why she was able to get up and kill Hyde..I think.

-Still don't get the eternity stuff with Kyle..

Episode 5: When Hyde says he fails at destroying the Twisted (I still don't fully understand why he would want to destory them), he wakes up at the church on a snowy day. Okay, so why does he wake up there? coincidence? why? And why must it be centered around him in that when he fails, he repeats the cycle? And why did Hyde confirm to "Aya" that she shot Eve when in fact he knew she didn't. So obviously he's playing mind games, would it be possible that he's also playing mind games in the ending where he makes Eve think she killed Aya, and caused the twisted. But in that scene where Aya came back and killed Hyde, it goes against Eve killing Aya. Would Aya have died in vain because Hyde and his lies? What if, in actuality killing Hyde at Time Zero actually stopped the twisted, not that weird theory that Aya's soul shattered and caused the twisted. Hyde keeps saying he wants to make way to the Mother (Eve), why doesn't he do it in the present where he's always around Eve?

Episode 6: Eve says it's Time Zero, the place where eternity begins? Still confused...eternity? The how is Kyle gonna find eternity if he was in it?

And in the ending where Eve says Aya wish is a world where she doesn't exist. Is it because she think she caused the twisted, so being non existant it'll make things all good? If it isn't because of that why would she say that? Because she thought Kyle was dead? So she made Eve kill her because all she wanted is to exchange vows with Kyle? But that's BS because Kyle comes back to life, and Aya is gone.

And what ever happened to Eve's body that was just lying there after Eve shot Aya? It just disappeared.

How did Aya manage to get back up and shoot Hyde if her soul was shattered. And what did she mean her soul was "already gone" (something along those lines) when she is clearly alive and standing right there. If say, hypothetically if her soul was already gone and she was alive, wouldn't Eve shooting her do nothing because how can one be alive and not have a soul?

And I am confused by the timeline with Hyde being at the church. Say before the stuff in the ending, he finds "Aya" outside the church, then he goes inside and sees Eve's body? Or is it the opposite? I would think they saw Eve's body and then became the high ones, and as a result did not care for "Aya" and they wondered off? Leaving "Aya" to make it out of the church alone and be picked up by Hyde. But if things did go that way, why in the world would they not attend "Aya" first because she's the one all bloodied. I have no idea..Iono, I feel like the ending is kind of contradicting to the cutscenes shown throughout the game.


-Hyde being in the church in the ending as opposed to being outside in the cutscenes (a secret cutscene that is). How did "Aya' get a gun in the wedding if Hyde wasn't in the church at the time in the flashbacks Eve has. Unless it was implied that Hyde was there by Aya having the gun.

-Aya (not sure if it's the real Aya) standing over Eve's body with the gun looking all serious in the cutscene, as opposed to never seeing that scene in the ending. I think this one is most confusing...because Eve (in Aya's body) never shot Aya (in Eve's body) in the past(not talking about Time Zero in the ending), that's why the twisted stuff is happening in the game. So...there is no reason for that scene to be there unless that is acutally Aya (because she looks totally serious) standing over a unresponsive Eve.. I mean, if it was Eve, she would be all crying and stuff..But if it was infact Aya, standing there....the whole story wouldn't make sense because it wouldn't be Eve as the main character. look here at 5:14-5:28

That's just probably Eve after she dove into Aya's body...before she collapsed outside the church? BUT what if Aya did kill Eve in the wedding....and she's standing over her body. And it was Aya all along in the game except in the ending where Hyde tells Eve that she killed Aya (lie maybe?) and the end result is that Aya is dead instead of Eve. AND the reason why Hyde wants to go back to TIme Zero to get to "mother Eve" is that it was Aya in the CTI, not Eve. Because I still think that if Eve was in the CTI, there was no reason for Hyde to be holding back to "absorb" Eve or whatever he calls it. But if Hyde wanted to go back to Time Zero (did he really want to, seems like he did because he was all like "who'll witness time zero?" before the fight at the ice rink) why was he like "NOOOOOOOOOO" when he's beaten at the end of episode 6?

And when Eve and Aya switch places at the end, Aya takes the form of herself in Eve's body, but why is it that Eve doesn't take the form of herself while she's in Aya's body? Odd.

And another one, rather trivial is who shot the SWAT team dead? Was it Aya or Eve? I think it's Aya because Eve having such accuracy with a handgun seems pretty impossible to me. Hitting targets at that range with the quickness the first time one uses a gun is really hard, especially with one hand. If you've have shot a gun before, you'll know what I mean. I also think it's Aya because right after, the screen goes black, as if it transitioned to Eve, and Eve was like crying and not knowing what was going on.

But it still doesn't change the fact that Aya got shot in the ending :'[

But is she dead? I don't know because of the secret ending, she walks by Eve. But the thing I notice is that she's about half a head taller than Eve, who is supposed to be in Aya's original body. Overdiving would not have caused Aya to get taller (like when you overdive into soldiers, Eve isn't as tall as them). So...would it be possible that THAT is really Aya? Okay, so I have a farfetched theory, but just bear with me, would it be possible that between the events of PEII and T3B, Aya had a body clone created that's a tad shorted, which would be Eve's current Aya looking body? And then Aya dove into that one (I know, I know, according to T3B, overdive didn't exist before Dec. 2010 when Eve did it.) And used the wedding as a trap to smoke out Hyde and the SWAT people who wanted to kill her (somehow she knew). And made Hyde think he is in control, but it was trap to get Hyde into Time Zero where she can finally kill him? (But then again, if that was the case, why didn't Aya just kill them then....) And the reason why Aya and Eve switched bodies is to prevent Eve's body from deteoriating to not create any more High ones. And then Aya dives into her own original body, which is seen in the secret ending. Haha..maybe..?

But it still doesn't explain why it took her 4 years to say happy birthday to Eve, and not even like hug her or anything. I mean, if I was Aya, I would have totally wanted Eve to know that I was okay asap. So iono...

One explanation from gamefaqs I do not understand is regarding the secret ending:

"Aya died in 2010, and possessed by Eve's psyche thus creating a new being
(Aya's body with Eve's psyche without memories)...1st birthday.
2nd and 3rd are the years passed from the wedding day to the game plot.
After the game ends (the second time), the date is 24/12/2014...the 4th
birthday of this new entity that is the new Eve."

Okay, so the first birthday I get...not really the 2nd and 3rd because the game plot would have totally changed since there are no twisted. So is the first birthday of her really on the wedding day? I just think 4 years is an awefully long time for Aya to show up and say happy birthday. What if..that night Aya walks by was the night right after the ending took place? And by 4th, maybe she means....the 4th Eve? Anyone notice how there was no time and date for the secret ending when like all the cutscenes in the game had a time and date?

I don't know anymore...seems like a puzzle where the pieces don't even fit.

Oh, I'm planning on buying the The 3rd Birthday Insider Sourcebook any one will be willing to translate stuff for me? I want to see if there's some new info to clear stuff up, and I like pretty pictures :D