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This is a more technical/art question, and as such it shall remain spoiler-free.

Thanks to Caligos eve who was kind enough to scan it, I've gotten the scans of The 3rd Birthday artbook to clean up and share with the wiki (well, as much as I can get cleaned up anyways). But I've noticed that in the art for Aya's White Eider costume it has an extra focus on her belt around her waist. Not only that, but the belt in the art isn't featured in the model on the actual game itself.

Is there some reason the belt is given a more depth look or is it just because Square Enix likes to be art obsessive, like me? I haven't played the game so I'm wondering if maybe it's featured in a cutscene or something since the in-game model lacks it?

Like I said, no spoilers please, a simple yes or no will do. If you need to go into any detail please keep it as simple and spoiler-free as possible.

  • To The Left Is The In-Game Render And To The Right Is The Artbook Sketch:

All of Aya's intact and completely shredded clothes