Parasite Eve Wiki

Alrighty, Caligos_eve and I have made a new Parasite Eve livejournal community that everyone is free to join as long as you have a livejournal account.

On this livejournal, as soon as I get around to finish cleaning them up, I'll offer downloads on there such as official strategy guides, the novel, some of the Insider, and the mangas. (Caligos_eve is currently possibly having a friend translate the mangas as well.) Basically whatever scans we can either do ourselves or get our hands on will be available there. However, these will be locked so that only livejournal members that have joined the community can receive them, so make sure you join.

I'll also be posting a whole mess of icons and wallpapers up on there, so feel free to stop by (or stop at my own livejournal) to get some.

The new Parasite Eve Livejournal: Arise Within You

And always remember to head over to PrimalEyes.Com because we're always welcoming new members!