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Maeda's Gun is a weapon exclusive to Parasite Eve. While initially worthless due to its low stats and lack of bullets, it becomes indespensible against the final boss of the main story once Aya obtains the special bullets. However, as a strictly storyline-related weapon, it can't be upgraded nor can it be carried over across playthroughs.

Name ATK RNG BLT Slots / Max Special Location
latest?format=original Maeda's Gun 1 60 15 1 Rate of Fire: 2 Given by Maeda on Day 5. Cannot be removed from inventory.
During the final battle, when you fight the mature form of the Ultimate Being, you are given a crate of bullets that can only be fired by this gun. During this time, Maeda's Gun is the only firearm capable of doing beyond one point of damage—and in fact does at least 999 damage per shot due to the fact that said bullets have Aya's cells in them.
  • Note: The bullets for this gun have a unique icon.
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